"The Dres know how to make money, but they have not learned how not to make enemies."
Dram Bero[src]

House Dres was one of the five "orthodox Dunmer Houses."[1] It has no holdings in Vvardenfell, instead being focused entirely on Mainland Morrowind.[2]

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The Dres are located in the southern part of Morrowind in the Deshaan Plain,[3] and their land borders the swamps and marshes of Black Marsh. They are an "agrarian agricultural society," and have large Saltrice plantations. The Dres rely completely on slave labor to maintain their economy, and as a result, they are "hostile to Imperial law and culture, and in particular, opposed to any attempts to limit the institution of Slavery."[2] For this reason, Dram Bero suggests that "the Dres know how to make money, but they have not learned how not to make enemies."[4]


First Era

During the Four Score War against the Reman Empire, House Dres and House Indoril were involved significantly in changing the Dunmer's tactics. They proposed, that "rather than defend the western border," they should instead withdraw to the interior and fight a guerrilla war." Due to the fact that House Hlaalu was advocating accommodation with the empire, and House Telvanni were adamantly remaining neutral in the matter, House Redoran would have been faced with standing alone against the entire might of the Empire.[5] Also during the First Era, the Knahaten Flu broke out. It is noted that few others troubled themselves with the land of northern Black Marsh, except for the Dres.[6]

Third Era

During the events of the Imperial Simulacrum, House Dres found itself involved in a full-blown uprising. Starting off as a "simple slave revolt in the House Dres lands of the south," the Arnesian War "built on itself until the swampy plains erupted with blood and fire, pitting Morrowind against Black Marsh. One of the many significant casualties from this was Symmachus, husband of Queen Barenziah of Mournhold.[7] Barenziah then abdicated her throne and fled to Wayrest.[8]





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