House Hlaalu Banner

House Hlaalu Banner

House Hlaalu is one of the five great houses in Morrowind.

The following is their quest line:

Nileno Dorvayn's Quests (Balmora)Edit

  1. Disguise – Steal orders from Neminda
  2. Alchemical Formulas
  3. Inanius Egg Mine – Kill the Queen in this egg mine near Suran
  4. Guar Hide Squeeze
  5. Delivery for Bivale Teneran
  6. The Death of Ralen Hlaalo
  7. Epony Trade

Edryno Arethi's Quests (Vivec City)Edit

  1. Bank Courier
  2. Murudius Flaeus' Debt
  3. Escort Tarvyn Faren
  4. Kill Telvanni at Odirniran
  5. Exterminator
  6. Ashlander Ebony
  7. The Shipwreck Prelude
  8. Guard Ralen Tilvur

Crassius Curio's Quests (Vivec City)Edit

  1. An Admiring Sponsor
  2. Velfred the Outlaw
  3. Kill Banden Indarys
  4. Bero's Support
  5. Kill Reynel Uvirith

Odral Helvi's Quests (Caldera)Edit

  1. Sealed Orders
  2. The Caldera Spy
  3. Erroneous Documents
  4. Rent and Taxes
  5. Shipment of Ebony

Ilmeni Dren's Quests (Vivec City)Edit

  1. Literacy Campaign
  2. The Twin Lamps
  3. Free Hides-His-Foot

Duke Vedam Dren's Quests (Ebonheart)Edit

  1. Control the Ordinators
  2. Dealing with Orvas Dren


  1. Hlaalu Stronghold

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