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House Indoril is one of the Great Houses of Morrowind. The great Chimer hero Nerevar was the head of this House during the early First Era. House Indoril is a staunch supporter of the Tribunal Temple. Many of the Temple Ordinators and other Temple heroes are members of this House. This connection has given it a big influence on all political decisions in Morrowind.[1]

Prior to Imperial conquest, House Indoril had been the dominant Great House throughout Morrowind's history. During the war with Tiber Septim's Empire, House Indoril was strongly against Imperial occupation. When Septim incorporated Morrowind into his Empire, Indoril refused to submit to Imperial rule. At the time the Lord High Councilor of the Grand Council, a council comprised of the heads of the Great Houses, was an Indoril and would not accept the treaty or step down, so he was assassinated and replaced with a member of House Hlaalu. More power struggles went on between the two Great Houses, with House Hlaalu, in support of Imperial accommodation, coming out the victor. Still unwilling to accept membership within the Empire, many Indoril nobles committed suicide, weakening the House.[2]

At the close of the Third Era, House Indoril had no territorial holdings on the island of Vvardenfell; all of its territory was located on mainland Morrowind. Its capital was Mournhold, also the capital of Morrowind itself.[3]

House Indoril suffered greatly from the fall of the Tribunal Temple, due to the fact that they were staunch supporters of it. While the house technically still exists, the priesthood of the New Temple is now considered to be one and the same as House Indoril, though former Indoril nobles are still overrepresented in the priesthood.[4]

Their fate as of 4E 201 remains unknown. Dialogue with Lleril Morvayn indicates that the Great House is still a member of the Council.[5]

The Nightingales state that House Indoril has a "house quite close to the borders of Skyrim,"[6] and that the Nightingale mentioned in The Real Barenziah, Book IV is actually Drayven Indoril, a member of House Indoril.[6][7][8]

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