House of Clan Battle-Born is a home found in Whiterun.


This large house holds three generations of the equally large Clan Battle-Born. This warrior family—owners of the Battle-Born Farm outside Whiterun—has lived in the city for centuries; their ties to Skyrim and the ancient Nord ways are undisputed.

There is a "Protected" Shadowmark to the right of the back door. Olfrid pledges the full support of the Battle-Born clan to the Thieves Guild after the completion of "Imitation Amnesty."


Missing in ActionEdit

To the northwest is Olfrid's bedroom, which has some valuables on display and a leveled door leading to a small office with books and an Imperial Missive, which must be taken for the quest.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Skill Book (Two-Handed): Battle of Sancre Tor: First floor in the room to the west. It's on a bookshelf.
  • The quest item Imperial Missive needed for "Missing in Action" can be found on a desk in Olfrid’s bedroom. It is in the locked room, and the lock will need to be picked, or the key will have to be pickpocketed.


  • Despite the Protected Shadowmark, the Dragonborn can still be required to steal items from this house by the Thieves Guild, as part of Vex's radiant thievery jobs.


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