House of Clan Cruel-Sea is a home in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim found in Windhelm. It is the house of Clan Cruel-Sea, a well-liked and respected Nord family in Windhelm. Husband and wife Torsten and Hillevi run the Hollyfrost Farm, and are raising their son to take over the family business someday.


As expected for the location, the house is grand and spotlessly clean. A Shadowmark can be seen at the front door stating that the house is protected under the Thieves Guild, and should not be robbed or attacked. This is due to the ties between the Cruel-Sea family and the guild.


The Sweep JobEdit

Although the Shadowmark on this house states it is to be protected from stealing, it is a possible target for this quest, given by Vex, in which three valuables must be stolen from the house.



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