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Lerineaux Manor, a house in The Elder Scrolls Online.

For other uses, see Houses.
For homes that can be purchased by the player, see Homestead (Online).

Houses are buildings in which one or more people live in. Houses can be used by characters for sleeping, eating, and storage.

Houses cannot be purchased by the Vestige. If one needs a place to sleep, they can pay 10 Gold at an Inn for a night, and another ten gold for every night after that.

List of houses[]

House Inhabitants Location
Abandoned House (Aldcroft) Aldcroft
Abandoned House (Dro-Dara Plantation) Dro-Dara Plantation
Abandoned House (Kynesgrove) Kynesgrove
Abandoned House (Mistral) Mistral
Abandoned House (Murcien's Hamlet) Murcien's Hamlet
Abandoned House (Narsis) Narsis (Online)
Abandoned Mud Hut Churasa, Chezik Silent Mire
Agapitus' House [?] Arenthia
Ambarel's House Ambarel † Skywatch
Angranel's House Angranel Western Elsweyr Gate
Antias House Prefect Antias Cropsford
Arbogasque's Home Padier Renoit, Sergeant Stegine Dreughside
Avani House Revyn Avani, Salver Avani Davon's Watch
Azeex-Eix's House Azeex-Eix Outside Ebonheart
Azjai-Tee's House Azjai-Tee Outside Ebonheart
Bahrez's House TG Bahrez Abah's Landing
Balbus' House Remius Balbus confirmation needed Cropsford
Barracks House Baron Sorick Wayrest
Berisse's Home Berisse, Calthindor, Longhaven Hunter Longhaven
Bertram Oscent's House Bertran Oscent Koeglin Village
Betharvel House [?] Selfora
Bienena House Antys Bienena, Kasorayn Bienena Alcaire Castle
Boarding House Deetwos, Jalienna, Uggnath, Vingarion Port Hunding
Borrows-Trouble's Hut Borrows-Trouble Stormhold
Borwiian's House Borwiian Vulkwasten
Breduin's Home Breduin Longhaven
Calastil's House Calastil, Tarie Marbruk
Captain Viveka's House Captain Viveka Riften
Cassirion's House Cassirion, Quertasse Marbruk
Celus Arandos' House Celus Arandos † Vulkhel Guard
Cergend House Eugenie Cergend, Marie Cergend Daggerfall
Chanaius's Hut Chanaius Silent Mire
Chill House Giraud Scraeg Southern Glenumbra
Ciireriath's Home Easeeto, Enethrin Bramblebreach
Cloya's House Odlynd, Voruse Sulfur Pools
Condalin's House Condalin, Esteltin Mathiisen
Coldheart House Old Frikkhild Windhelm
Condalin's House Condalin, Estltin Mathiisen
Constable Pascal's House Constable Pascal Koeglin Village
Dame Falhut's House Dame Falhut Alcaire Castle
Dariot Morrad's House Dariot Beriel Wrothgar
Daynila's House Daynila Stormhold
Delvin's House Delvin Etelette Anvil
Donella's House Councilor Donella Crosswych
Donniel's House Donniel Willowgrove
Doralin's Home Doralin Longhaven
Dorell Farmhouse [?] South of Northpoint
Drinks-With-Crabs's House Drinks-With-Crabs Ebonheart
Dres House Brelaca Sadri Mournhold
Dull-Scales's House Dull-Scales Ebonheart
Earrastell's House Earrastel Marbruk
Earth-Turner House Aera Earth-Turner, Denskar Earth-Turner, Littrek Earth-Turner, Trynhild Earth-Turner Bleakrock Village
Edrald Estate Allan Edrald, Arlie Edrald, Dulkhi, Federic Seychelle Rivenspire
Edrien Dencent Cottage Edrien Dencent Aldcroft
Eiman and Rolunda's House Eiman, Rolunda Bleakrock Village
Elannie's House Elannie Dawnbreak
Emanir's Home Emanir, Uunril Bramblebreach
Erelruin's Home Erelruin Longhaven
Esqoo's House Esqoo Dhalmora
Ezreba's House Ezreba Greenhill
Farm House [?] Riften
Farwen's House Ogzaz Woodhearth
Fasaran's House Fasaran Dawnbreak
Flan House Adol Flan, Balaru Ven, Grell Flan, Hlarei Althranis, Hlava Areloth Quarantine Serk
Fasaran's House [?] Dawnbreak
Fazaddu's House Fazaddu Baandari Trading Post
Forongon's House Forongon Vulkwasten
Frostheart House Branir Frostheart, Harnald Riften
Gane House Bertrand Gane, Rognar Daggerfall
Gethis' House Gethis Omobar Stormhold
Girith House Odesa Girith, Tininnus Girith Mournhold
Halino's House Halino Shattered Grove
Halmaera's House Halmaera Bleakrock Isle
Hastien House Bernice Hastien, Maxevain Hastien Daggerfall
Hears-the-Wind's Home Hears-the-Wind, Markka Rawl'kha
Hlaalu House [?] Ebonheart
Henim House [?] Selfora
Hlaalu Kinhouse Aryo Hlaalu Darane Falavel Delos Thimalvel Govyth Areloth Mastrius Drarara Nilonii Girano Wren Hlaalu Varon Davel Narsis Protector Narsis
Hlan House [?] Quarantine Serk
House Hlaalu Estate Miiga Hlaalu Mournhold
House Redoran Living Quarters Miirist Redoran, Tifosi Falaal Mournhold
Home of Adiel Charnis Adiel Charnis Wayrest
Ianix's Hut Ianix Stormhold
Ice-Heart Home Ice-Heart Northwest Cyrodiil
Inconspicuous House Cariel, Kazirra, Orthoron Arenthia
Indoril Manor Garyn Indoril, Tanval Indoril, Wanam-Jush Davon's Watch
Ingamircil's House Ingamircil Skywatch
Iranya's House Iranya Shattered Grove
Jeran House Jeran Daggerfall
Jin-Ei's House Jin-Ei Sulfur Pools
Juranda-ra's House Juranda-ra Laughing Moons Plantation
Kalari's House Kalari Reaper's March
Kardyn's Home Winral al-Bergama Alcaire Castle
Klang Manor Klang Wayrest
Laganakh's Home Laganakh Betnikh
Laindilaure's House Laindilaure Orsinium
Laurosse's House Laurosse Marbruk
Lavergne House Ursyvyra Lavergne, Irvic Lavergne Daggerfall
Lemaitre Manor Khojifa, Madame Lemaitre Wayrest
Lerineaux Manor Lerineaux Daggerfall
Licks-Longfins's House Licks-Longfins Outside Ebonheart
Listens-to-Water's Hut Listens-to-Water Stormhold
Looks-too-Long's Hut Looks-too-Long Stormhold
Ma'jhad Kha's House Ma'jhad Kha Steelheart Moorings
Mage Fiirenir's House Mage Fiirenir Greenwater Cove
Manor House Canonreeve Nesaranwe, Coinclerk Arawe, Coinclerk Sanamen, Collector Telandil Vulkhel Guard
Manthir's House Manthir Woodhearth
Maormer Embassy Ulondil, Clerk Aryaamo, The Green Lady Mistral
Mara's Kiss Public House Shara, S'vanez Vulkhel Guard
Mayor's House Councilor Lia, Marayna Murric, Tamien Sellan Crosswych
Merormo's Tower Merormo Shattered Grove
Miltrin's Fishing Cabin Miltrin On a small island north of Daggerfall
Monk's Cabin [?] Muth Gnaar
Mirkalinde's House Mirkalinde Dawnbreak
Nalman's House Nalman Stormhold
Neebaxireet's House Keema-Ja Dhalmora
Nuril's House [?] Mournhold
Old Ida's Cottage Ida Deshaan, east of Narsis
Orval's House DB Orval Uveran Anvil
Othran House [?] Selfora
Othrys House Othrys family Sulfur Pools
Parenonas' Home Parenonas Longhaven
Patheirry House Roulena Pathierry Daggerfall
Peruin's House Peruin Vulkwasten
Pharad's Home Pharad Woodhearth
Pinanande's House Canonreeve Pinanande Shattered Grove
Pojeel's Hut Pojeel Stormhold
Praldyn's Home Praldyn Wayrest
Queen's Residence Queen Ayreen Marbruk
Ranedor's Home Henrien, Ranedor Bramblebreach
Ransacked House (Aldcroft) [?] Aldcroft
Ransacked House (Dro-Dara Plantation) [?] Dro-Dara Plantation
Redoran House [?] Ebonheart
Rhavil Urano's House [?] Ebonheart
Sabyssa's Blacksmithing Sabyssa the Blacksmith Koeglin Village
Sadreno House [?] Davon's Watch
Sadri House Anila, Berada Sadri, Domi Hlaalu, Donta Sadri, Ilem Hlaalu, Nevos Hlen Orani Sadris Narsis
Savarak's Manse O:M Savarak Fels Vos
Scaeva House Flavia Scaeva Cropsford
Serchel's Home Florine, Serchel Bramblebreach
Seek-the Night's Hut [?] Silent Mire
Serelnim House [?] Ebonheart
Seron Denelu's Home Ranis Denelu, Roggdvar,Seron Denelu Narsis
Sethri House Bodsa Sethri, Tivela Sethri Davon's Watch
Seeks-White-Bird's House Seeks-White-Bird, Wuja-Ei Hfirorg Farm
Seron Denelu's Home Ranis Denelu, Roggdvar, Seron Denelu Narsis
Sir Hughes House Sir Hughes Alcaire Castle
Snow-Bourne House Julni Bleakrock Village
Spinner Dothriel's Home Spinner Dothriel Silvenar
Spinner Einrel's Home Spinner Einrel Silvenar
Stogrin House Thibault Stogrin, Cesarelle Stogrin Daggerfall
Stonebridge Mill Ingride Vanne Stormhaven
Supplication House [?] Malabal Tor, east of Vulkwasten
Sweetbreeze Cottage Lobelathel Grahtwood, northwest of the Gray Mire Wayshrine
Selvayn's House O:M [?] Vos
Tarvynil's House Tarvynil Stormhold
Tedas House (Quarantine Serk) Chews-on-Moss, Hides-in-Mud, Licks-the-Sand Quarantine Serk
Tedas House (Narsis [?] Narsis
Teroni Serelnim's House Teroni Serelnim Ebonheart
Theodore's House Councilor Theodore Crosswych
Thoda's Home General Thoda Outside Alcaire Castle
Vachel's House Vachael Daggerfall
Varlas House Evis Marys, Naryu Virian Narsis
Varo's House O:M [?] Vos
Velmont Mansion TG Marayna Velmont, Percy Velmont Abah's Landing
Verobar House Ornis Verobar, Nilyne Hlor Quarantine Serk
Virgile's House Councilor Virgile Crosswych
Volek House Betina Volek Mournhold
Watch Captain Astanya's Home Watch Captain Astanya Vulkhel Guard
Windtorn House Amifar Windtorn, Bonohild Windtorn, Yiri Windtorn Riften
Zabibi's House Zabibi Arenthia
Zasha-Ja's House Zasha-Ja Ebonheart

† This character does not appear in game