Houses of Morrowind

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Not to be confused with Great Houses or Great Houses of Morrowind.

Houses of Morrowind is an expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends that was released on April 5th, 2018 for the PC, mobile and tablet devices.[1] It includes 149 new cards based on the lore from The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.[1]


"You have no idea what you’ve wandered into. From the moment you stepped off the docks in Seyda Neen, you became a potential pawn in a grand power struggle between the Great Houses that govern this land and even between the living gods themselves and their terrible ancient enemies. But of course, if it maneuvers correctly, a pawn can become a queen. Who will you trust? Who will you fight for? Can you control the Houses of Morrowind?"[1]


  1. Puzzle Sets – There are three sets of 10 puzzles each: Caius' Training, Naryu's Challenges, and Divayth Fyr's Trials. Caius’ Training is free to all players while Naryu's Challenges and Divayth Fyr's Trials are available for purchase in the store for $9.99 or 1500 Gold (Legends) each. Completing the 10 puzzles in a set will reward you with 5 Houses of Morrowind packs, 100 Soul Gems, and a special card back unique to that puzzle set.
  2. Houses of Morrowind contains a handful of powerful new three-attribute cards that let the player unlock the ability to use cards from all three of its attributes in that deck. In exchange, the player must include at least 75 cards in their deck; with the release of Houses of Morrowind, the maximum deck size is being raised to 100 for all decks.
  3. Houses of Morrowind includes cards for five of the ten possible three-attribute sets, each representing one of the major Houses, or factions, in Vvardenfell:


Houses of Morrowind introduces a new creature type called "God."


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