Hozzin's Folly is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


I met up with Seyne near Hozzin's Folly. Bandits have landed on the island. They're exploring an abandoned mine that was once home to Daedra worshippers.

Seyne wants me to explore the mine and discover what the raiders are doing here. To get inside, she wants me to take a uniform from the raider scout she killed. The raiders' beasts can see through my disguise.

Quick walkthrough

Part 1

  1. Get a Disguise from a Corpse
  2. Investigate Hozzin's Folly (3)
  3. Get Inside the Mine

Part 2

  1. Find a way into the Tomb
  2. Bypass the fire traps

Part 3

  1. Use the Portal to Enter Oblivion
  2. Destroy the Unspeakable Sigil
  3. Leave Mine
  4. Talk to Sergeant Seyne


Once obtaining a disguise from one of the fallen bandits, the player will need to investigate Hozzin's Folly.

Around the area and in the buildings, the items to be found are 1) Contract Scroll, 2) Cracked Rune Ward, 3) Dark Ministrations.

Next, head to the mine entrance while wearing the disguise. Lie about the relics to enter.

The spawn rate is fast in here. If soloing, best to leave disguise on. Avoid the brigands holding torches. They will see through the disguise.

Eventually, you will come to an area with fire traps. The fire traps will excrete blue gas before bursting into flames.

Next, there will be the large room with the red portal to Oblivion.

Follow the tunnels until the large shrine room. Examine the sigil to destroy it. Doing so will transport the player back to the Nirn. There is an exit to the mine nearby. Outside Sergeant Seyne will be waiting for you.


  • 91–377 Gold




  • Wards once protected the mine
  • The Covenant hired the brigands
  • Equip the Frostedge Disguise

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