Hrothmund as he appears in Dragonborn when spawned.

"Thirsk Mead Hall was founded by Hrothmund, who originally left the Skaal in order to live the lifestyle of ancient Nord warriors in the wilderness."
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Hrothmund the Red is the Nordic founder of the Thirsk Mead Hall along with other Skaal Village members who left to found the Hall.[1]

He beheaded Drengr Bronze-Helm and held his head as a trophy in the middle of the hall. This testament of his strength led him to become the first Chieftain of the Mead Hall. This tradition of electing a chieftain by duel, is set as the standard for the Mead Hall. He died fighting Ondjage, the Fell Wolf.[1]

His rule lasted for 21 years. He lived in the third century of the Third Era, contrary to the claims of some saying he lived in the Second Era. His place of burial along with his axe, Hrothmund's Axe, is in Hrothmund's Barrow.[1]

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