"Greetings, Citizen. I'm Hul. Welcome to Balmora. We're a House Hlaalu town, and loyal citizens of the Empire. What can I do for you?"

Hul is an Argonian Pauper that wanders close to the Silt Strider in Balmora.

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"Greetings, Citizen. I'm Hul. Welcome to Balmora. We're a House Hlaalu town, and loyal citizens of the Empire. What can I do for you?"

citizens of the Empire "We've had peace and prosperity in Morrowind under the Empire for centuries. It's a government by law, and the Legions enforce that law. The Empire has free trade and free religion, so we're rich in pockets and in spirit. Yes, there is corruption. Yes, there are crimes and criminals. Yes, the rich get richer, and the poor poorer. But overall, things are pretty good."
Balmora "Balmora is the Council Seat of Great House Hlaalu, and the largest town on Vvardenfell except for Vivec City. Located on the Odai River, and sitting astride the Ald'ruhn-Vivec road, Balmora is an important mercantile trade and travel center. High Town is the administrative center, with the Temple and manor houses. The shops, guilds, and tradehouses of the Commercial District are north of the river; Labor Town's modest cornerclubs and homes are south of the river."

Outlander "An outlander is anyone born and raised outside of Morrowind. Most Dunmer think anyone who isn't a native-born Dunmer is an outlander. Dunmer with Western words and ways are also immediately identified as outlanders -- Dunmer are very sensitive to accents, clothes, and manners in Morrowind. Outlanders are foreigners, and Morrowind doesn't like foreigners. It's not bad here in Hlaalu territory, but on the rest of Vvardenfell, folk are very cool to outlanders."

foreigners "Most native Dunmer don't like foreigners. The Dunmer are a proud people, and they look down on other races and cultures. They particularly dislike outland Dunmer -- Dark Elves born and raised to Imperial ways, who don't know what it is to be a Dunmer born-and-bred. Foreigners can be accepted in Morrowind, even adopted into the Great Houses. There's even a Nord on the House Hlaalu Council. But it isn't easy. It takes time and effort to win a native's trust."

Morrowind lore "The Great Houses are always fighting each other in the Great House Wars."
latest rumors "Everyone knows the Balmora magistrate, Nolus Atrius, is on the take. Thieves, thugs, and murderers are getting ridiculous sentences, or paying a drake and walking free. But they'll bever get Atrius. He's got fatcats and family back in the City to cover him. The Legion Champion, Larrius Varro, over at Moonmoth Legion Fort, he has sworn an oath to stop corruption. But I don't see what he can do."

Report to Caius Cosades[edit | edit source]

South Wall "South Wall is a working class cornerclub in Balmora, east of Odai River, on the south end of Labor Street, owned by Bacola Closcius."

Bacola Closcius "Bacola Closcius is the owner and proprietor of South Wall, a working-class Balmora cornerclub east of the Odai River."

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