"As I said, I cannot speak with you. I am busy. Please leave me alone."

Huleeya is an Argonian assassin with information on the Nerevarine cult.


Huleeya resides in the Black Shalk Cornerclub within the Foreign Quarter of Vivec City. He is a member of the Morag Tong and is the rank of Thrall. He is pleased to be treated with much respect in the faction in spite of his low rank. He wishes to one day travel to the Ashlands.



Vivec InformantsEdit

Huleeya is knowledgeable about the Nerevarine cult. During this main quest, he is willing to tell the Nerevarine what he knows after they escort him out of the Black Shalk Cornerclub, where three House Hlaalu members are threatening him, and accompany him to Jobasha's Rare Books.


"I'm sorry, but I cannot speak with you. I am preoccupied with my own affairs."

Argonians "We are counted among the First Peoples. Our homeland is Argonia, or Black Marsh, in Imperial speech. I am a poor example. My parents were bound in slavery, and I have lived in Morrowind all my life. Like other Argonians who have accepted Imperial ways, I am much like any other Imperial citizen. But to be honest, we have always been a private, even secretive people, and I am not comfortable speaking in this manner. You might do better to look in books, if you are curious."
disturbing dreams (After having a distubing dream) "I'm sorry. I don't know why you'd tell me this. In the old country, they set great store by dreams and omens. But I am an educated creature. Dreams mean nothing. They are just... fancies. Imagination."
disturbing dreams (After completing "The Citadels of the Sixth House") "Now that Dagoth Ur is gone, there must be an end to his dark dream sendings."
Huleeya "I am in the service of the Morag Tong, a modest Thrall in rank, and by vocation and training an agent and executioner. In my private life, I am a student of history. There is little else to tell."
Morag Tong "I am only a low-ranking member. But pauper and commoner do not suffer from war here as they do in the West, thanks to the honored traditions of House War and the Morag Tong. I am an Argonian, yet they treat me with respect. If you are curious, find a copy of "The Black Glove." But please... do not mistake us for the Dark Brotherhood! The Dark Brotherhood is a perversion of ancient Dunmer traditions. They have sold their honor for profit, and are no more than a league of murderers-for-hire."
join the Morag Tong "Perhaps, but I do not believe you are ready."
join the Morag Tong (Disposition of 40, and a fame of 10) "Yes, you may be worthy. Your first test is to find Grandmaster Eno Hlaalu. By tradition he lives in the secret tunnels under the Arena here in Vivec. Only the Grandmaster can allow foreigners like us to join."
slavery "I am an Imperial citizen, and I believe slavery should be outlawed, as it is elsewhere in Tamriel. Many of Tamriel's people once practiced slavery, but have now rejected it as cruel and immoral. I hope that in my lifetime, slavery might be outlawed in Morrowind, but the Armistice confirmed slavery as lawful, and the Great Houses strongly resist any diminishment of the rights guaranteed by that ancient agreement between the Empire and the Dunmer."
Show: Vivec Informants
In the Black Shalk Cornerclub:

"I welcome you as the friend of my friend, Nerevarine (Player name). But I wish to go to my friend's bookstore, and these troublesome fools are in my way. I have tried to persuade them, but they hate my race, and I fear there will be violence. Perhaps if you speak with them... but be careful... and be ready."

friend's bookstore "My friend, Jobasha the Khajiit, has a bookstore, Jobasha's Rare Books. If you will agree to travel together with me there, I will answer you question. But before we go, I beg you to try to persuade these troublesome fools to leave us alone. Otherwise, I fear they will attack us the moment we go to leave."
Jobasha's Rare Books "Jobasha's Rare Books is a bookshop with a wide selection of rare and obscure books. My friend, Jobasha, a Khajiit is the owner. The shop is here in Vivec's Foreign Quarter, in the Lower Waistworks, on the same level as the Black Shalk Cornerclub, but down at the end of the west corridor."
Jobasha "Jobasha is a friend of mine, a Khajiit. He owns Jobasha's Rare Books, which has a wide selection of rare and obscure books. He has very passionate moral and political views, which he shares freely. As a result, he and his bookshop arouse strong feelings in some quarters."
troublesome fools "The sight of a free Argonian offends these racist thugs. It would tarnish my Morag Tong honor to slay them, and I don't want to trouble my friend Saralis Golmis by fighting in his club. But I must go to my friend's bookstore, where we can talk in peace. If you have a way with words, perhaps you can talk to them. Or if you have a way with money, they might be bought. Otherwise, I fear there must be bloodshed."
travel together "Will you travel together with me to Jobasha's Rare Books? We leave the door to the Foreign Quarter Waistworks, turn right, west, continue down the hall and across the atrium on the same level, then follow the opposite corridor west on the other side of the atrium all the way to Jobasha's door. I must warn you; unless these troublesome fools are persuaded to behave like civilized beings, there may be fighting and killing if we try to travel together."
Yes, please follow me to Jobasha's Rare Books. "Thank you, Nerevarine (Player name). I will follow you to Jobasha's Rare Books, and we will speak further there."
No, you should wait here for now. "Very well, then. I will wait here for now."

If approached again after convincing the Dunmer to let Huleeya pass:

"Are we ready to travel together to Jobasha's Rare Books? When we arrive at my friend's bookstore, I will answer your questions there."

troublesome fools "Their hatred saddens and angers me. I hate the custom of despising another on account of his race, and I cannot forgive the narrowness of mind and poverty of spirit that assures them of their right to abuse and attack me for spite, or on a whim."

If approached again after killing the Dunmer:

"Yes, Nerevarine (Player name). We travel together to Jobasha's Rare Books. When we arrive at my friend's bookstore, I will answer your questions there."

troublesome fools "It saddens and angers me. I am sorry for their deaths, and for your trouble. But I hate the custom of despising another on account of his race, and I cannot forgive the narrowness of mind and poverty of spirit that assures them of their right to abuse and attack me for spite, or on a whim."

In the bookstore:

"Yes, thank you very much. We should be free from distraction here. Now, I said I'd tell you about the Nerevarine cult so you can report back to Caius. And I don't know of any Sixth House cult, but I can tell you what I do know."

Nerevarine cult "To understand the Nerevarine cult, you must understand the history of the Ashlanders. Nerevar means something very different to the Ashlanders from what he means to Dunmer of the Great Houses. You should also know about the persecution of the Nerevarine, and the legacy of the False Incarnate, for the Nerevarine cult is at the heart of the ancient conflict between the nomadic Ashlanders and the settled Great House Dunmer. Here is a summary for Caius, but ask your questions, and I'll answer in detail."
history of the Ashlanders "In the First Era, the nomadic Ashlanders and the settled Dunmer clans were much alike, but after the First Council and the formation of the Great Houses, Ashlanders have been steadily forced into the poorest and most hostile lands. Now the nomadic tribes look to the prophesied return of the Nerevar for a restoration of their ancient rights and religious tradition."
Ashlanders "The Ashlanders hate the House Dunmer, who have become soft, and who have abandoned traditional ancestor worship for the gods of the Tribunal. And the Ashlanders hate outlanders, who invaded and stole their land, and forced them to live as a subject people. A reborn Nerevar who could drive out the outlander invaders, destroy the false worship of the Tribunal, and restore the pure traditional life and faith of the nomads would be a very popular here to the Ashlanders."
Great Houses "In modern times Morrowind is ruled by five Great Houses: House Hlaalu, House Redoran, House Telvanni, House Indoril, and House Dres. Great Houses culture is partly defined by its roots in ancient Dunmer tribal clans, and partly bu later Imperial influences from other Western cultures. The Great Houses culture is only one of the native Dunmer cultures of Morrowind. The other native culture, the Ashlander culture, is a nomadic barbarian culture largely untouched by Imperial influences."
persecution of the Nerevarine "The Temple treats the Nerevarine prophecies as heresy, and the Temple imprisons and executes heretics, unless prevented by Imperial law. But, since the Nerevarine cult is hostile to the Empire, the Empire does not interfere when Temple persecutes the cult. Ashlanders hate the Temple, and particularly the Ordinators, for their ruthless treatment of Nerevarine cultists."
False Incarnate "In the past, some have claimed to be the reincarnated Nerevar. The most recent is know as Peakstar, a figure of legend among the Wastes tribes for the last 30 years. The Temple says these false Incarnates disprove the prophecies, since the false Incarnates fail and come to nothing, but the mystical Nerevarine cult glorifies rather than shrinks from contradictions, citing the appearance of "failed Incarnates" as certain proof of Nerevar's coming rebirth."
Sixth House cult "I've never heard of such a thing. House Dagoth was the Sixth House, but in the War of the First Council, they betrayed the other Great Houses, and were destroyed for their treason. But I've never heard of anyone worshipping them. Dagoth Ur, the ancient head of House Dagoth, is the Devil of the Tribunal faith, but I've never heard of anyone worshipping him, either."

If approached again:

"I've told you what I know about about the Nerevarine cult. I hope Caius finds it helpful. Is there anything else you'd like to ask about?"

Nerevarine cult "I gave you a summary for Caius. Feel free to read it, of course."


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