"When Huna, whom Pelinal raised from grain-slave to hoplite and loved well, took death from an arrowhead made from the beak of Celethelel the Singer, the Whitestrake went on his first Madness."
―The Song of Pelinal[src]

Huna was an Imperial hoplite who was one of the companions of Pelinal Whitestrake during the Alessian Slave Rebellions in Cyrodiil during the First Era. Originally a slave who collected grain for the Ayleids,[1] who ruled Cyrodiil and had enslaved the Imperials,[2] Huna was eventually freed from their bondage by Pelinal Whitestrake and trained to become a hoplite, or spearman.[1]

Eventually, Whitestrake and Huna developed a relationship, and it was said that Whitestrake loved Huna. In 1E 242, Huna was killed by the arrows of Celethelel the Singer. Huna's death drove Whitestrake to madness, and led to him rampaging across Cyrodiil, destroying many Ayleid cities including Narlemae and Celediil.[1]


  • The line "a hoplite who Pelinal loved well" in the book The Song of Pelinal, Book III was originally "a hoplite who Pelinal often shared a tent with at night." It was changed as to not state Pelinal's sexuality, due to the player character Hero of Kvatch taking Pelinal's title, and in a sense "becoming" him.[UL 2]


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