Hunt the Dark Brotherhood is the second quest in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "Dark Brotherhood Attacks." After reporting the attempted Assassination to the Royal Guard, the Nerevarine must hunt those who attempted to kill them.



With the attempted assassination reported to the Royal Guard of Mournhold, the Nerevarine may act upon the popular rumor that the Guards are reporting. It is believed that the Dark Brotherhood have established a base underneath Mournhold itself, using the sewer system under the Great Bazaar. With this information, the Hero must go into the sewers, and hunt those who attempted to kill them.

Under MournholdEdit

The Nerevarine can find the entrance to the sewers in the southeast corner of the Great Bazaar. The trapdoor leads to the Manor District of Old Mournhold, and entering the area will cause the Nerevarine to identify the area as the Dark Brotherhood's base. Inside, the Hero will encounter goblins and a number of undead, in the large maze-like underground tunnels, then, they will have to fight their way through the members of the Brotherhood.

Dandras VulesEdit

Exploring the Manor District will reveal a building named Moril Manor. Inside the Moril Manor North Building, the Nerevarine will encounter Dandras Vules, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood in Mournhold, and holder of a contract to kill the Nerevarine. Once Vules has been killed, the Nerevarine will recover a contract from his body, which is mysteriously signed "H." With this new piece of information, the Hero may return to the surface.

Reporting the incidentEdit

The Nerevarine must now take the note to a member of the Royal Guard, although they may also show it to a member of the High Ordinators. If the note is shown to a Royal Guard, the Hero will be directed to Tienius Delitian in the Royal Palace, while a High Ordinator will instruct the Nerevarine to speak with Fedris Hler in the Temple. Either way, this will complete the quest.


Hunt the Dark Brotherhood - TR_DBHunt
ID Journal Entry
10I have found the Dark Brotherhood's hideout in the ruins of Old Mournhold.
  • Quest accepted
100I have killed Dandras Vules, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood in Mournhold. As he died, he spoke to me. "Tell my liege I have failed...." Of whom Vules was speaking, I have yet to determine. Perhaps there is some evidence in his chambers that might lead me to the one who wishes me dead.
110I've found a Dark Brotherhood contract that marks me for execution. The contract was written on the order of "H." This should give me some clue as to who wants me dead. I should report my findings to a guard immediately.
  • Quest complete



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  • Vules' death dialogue may loop continuously (if Bloodmoon is also installed).
    • If the Nerevarine kills Vules as a werewolf, the game will crash as Vules attempts to speak to the Nerevarine but cannot as game mechanics prevent NPCs speaking with werewolves.
  • Vules' face may disappear and his body may be seen through the walls in other areas.
    • This will make his body unlootable and break the quest. Save, then exit and restart the game should make Vules loot-able.

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