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Hunter's Camp: Sulfur Soaking Pools is an unmarked location in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Located west of Eldergleam Sanctuary and northwest of Darkwater Crossing, it is a hunter's camp with three hunters bathing in the hot springs. There are no possible dialogue options with the hunters, although they will become hostile if the Dragonborn steals or moves any of their belongings (even the ones not marked with 'Steal'). One of the hunters will also react and interact with the Dragonborn if an item is dropped on the ground.

Notable items[]


  • If the Dragonborn stands in the water next to the bathers with no clothes on, they will generically tell the Dragonborn to put on clothes despite the fact that they have no clothes on themselves.


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  •  PC   360   PS3   The hunters may become hostile towards the Dragonborn for no apparent reason. 
    •  PC (Fix)   Access the command console and write PRID 000d86af. Then, write Disable, and follow up with Enable. One must repeat this process with PRID 000d86b3 and PRID 000d86ac. One cannot exit the console once it is started, or it will not work.