Iachesis was the Ritemaster of the Psijic Order and magister of the Isle of Artaeum during the First and Second Eras.[1][2] Iachesis was said to be an extremely powerful wizard in his own right, having led the Order for over three millennia.[3]

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Iachesis is known to have been the head of the Psijic Order as early as 1E 20, when the mage Voernet went to the Isle of Artaeum to meet with him. Around that period, the Psijics served as counselors to kings and proponents of "The Elder Way," a "philosophy of meditation and study said to bind the forces of nature to the individual will."[1] In 1E 2920, Sotha Sil and Almalexia were recorded as having met with him after the signing of the Coldharbour Compact.[4]

In the early Second Era, a former student of the Order named Heliand brought an 11-year-old boy named Trechtus to Iachesis. He recognized the young boy's potential and welcomed him into the Order, bestowing upon him the new name "Vanus Galerion" and taking him on as a pupil.[5] In 2E 230, Iachesis met with a now older and more accomplished Galerion, along with King Rilis XII of Firsthold, to propose the formation of a new guild called the Mages Guild.[2]

Shortly afterwards, the Isle of Artaeum mysteriously vanished from Nirn, with Iachesis and the rest of the Psijic Order disappearing with it.[1] Iachesis was known to still be the leader of the Order in 2E 582, receiving reports and missives from a fellow member named Lilatha who traveled outside the Isle.[6] When Artaeum returned to the world after 500 years in 2E 730, the Order was no longer led by Iachesis. The Psijics would not, or could not, offer an explanation as to where the Isle had gone or what had happened to Iachesis.[1]


  • Iachesis is mentioned as being the head of the Psijic Order in 3E 110 and meeting with Wolf Queen Potema and her son Uriel Septim III, according to the book The Wolf Queen, Book IV, despite not having been the leader of the order since before the Third Era began. It is likely that this was a transcription error, and mentions of Iachesis in the book were meant to be Celarus.



Leader of the Psijic Order
Unknown, position possibly established Circa 1E 20–Before 2E 730 Loremaster Celarus