Ibar-Dad is a cave in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The sorcerers Elante and Badama Andarys reside there, and are hostile towards the Nerevarine.

Background[edit | edit source]

Elante, a sorcerer who conducts researches in Ibar-Dad, thinks that it might actually be the tomb of Mordrin Hanin. Her excavations revealed stonework from Daedric origin.[1] The discovered tunnel leads ultimately to a magnificently decorated tomb with a skeleton whose identity is unknown, although Elante seems to assume it is the mysterious Mordrin Hanin.[1] The unique shield "Eleidon's Ward" placed over the corpse offer another possibility: It could be Eleidon himself, the original owner of the shield.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

An unknown story Elante cites in her notes made her think Ibar-Dad was the final resting place of Mordrin Hanin. The story mentions crystals which hold the heads of the "traitors" to Hanin, and indeed there are some glowing, crystalline stones enclosing skulls. She also mentions a passage stating that "the silver pierced brow of the Traitors shall ward his sleep." This descriptions matches the eight skulls found beside the honored corpse in the tomb, all of which have a Ancient Silver Dagger stuck in their foreheads. If the Nerevarine takes one of these daggers, an Ancestor Ghost appears to defend the tomb; one will appear for each dagger taken, so there can be eight Ancestral Ghosts to contend with.

In Elante's room there is a passage under water to reach the treasure vault. The treasure vault is guarded by two Dremora Lords, a Daedroth, and a Golden Saint.

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