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Icarian Flight is a Restoration spell in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that temporarily increases the caster's Acrobatics skill by five times the usual maximum amount.



This spell is not available for purchase in Morrowind or expansion packs. Although not intended for use by the Nerevarine, it can be acquired on the PC by using the console:
Player -> AddSpell "icarian_flight"


  • Upon casting the spell the Nerevarine is briefly able to move at a highly increased rate and climb steep slopes. Extreme caution should be used if jumping. It is possible to jump over the entire city of Balmora or a mountain, however landing without perishing can be problematic.
  • The spell might be named after, and a reference to Icarus, a character in Greek Mythology who attempted to escape Crete by using wings out of feathers and wax, but flew too close to sun and fell down to the sea because the wings melted.
  • The original inventor of this spell is Icarian found in The Elder Scrolls Online, as he made the same mistake as Tarhiel and the inscription in the scroll appears in his log.

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