For the mages in Online, see Frost Mage.

Ice Mages are mages who specialize in the Destruction school's Frost Damage. They are often found in random places throughout Skyrim.

Equipment and combat[edit | edit source]

Ice Mages wear robes that increase the regeneration of Magicka. When forced into close-combat, or when their magicka pool is completely drained, they use iron daggers or iron maces.

They often cast frost spells such as ice spike, frostbite, and ice storm. They will also cast frost cloak for melee type characters. Ice mages are probably one of the most frustrating type of enemy for melee type characters since they not only deal damage to your health, but also to your stamina. Resist Frost potions are recommended for facing higher level ice mages (adept-master). It is best to use shock against them as it damages magicka.

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