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Ice Storm is an Adept level Destruction spell in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Casting it shoots a relatively slow, spinning traveling cloud of ice that harms anyone in its way. It deals 40 points of frost damage to Health per second. Ice Storm also does the same amount of damage to Stamina as to Health. The spell has very limited range, making it unable to hit far away targets.

Versus FireballEdit

Ice Storm and Fireball are similar in as much as they have area-of-effect abilities. Fireball travels much faster than Ice Storm, but has a set area of explosion, whereas Ice Storm is much more effective at range, as the further it travels, the larger it gets. The only major setback of Ice Storm is the slow movement of the spell, making it hard to hit a moving target. The range of Ice Storm is also much shorter than Fireball, thus Fireball is preferable for longer ranged combat.

Versus Ice SpikeEdit

Whilst the ice storm spell does more damage per second than the Ice Spike spell and does a larger portion of Stamina damage, The Ice Spike spell has about double the Magicka/damage efficiency of Ice Storm; however, since the ice storm is capable of damaging several opponents who are standing close together or in a row, Ice Storm is the superior choice over Ice Spike, unless the targets are beyond the range of Ice Storm.


  • Augmented Frost increases the frost damage done by this spell by 25% on the first point and 50% on the second point.
  • Deep Freeze causes the target to be paralyzed by frost damage if their health is low.

Spell tomeEdit


Destruction Skill Book


  • Weight: 0.5WeightIcon
  • Value: 360 GoldIcon
  • See Spell Tome for a complete table of spell tomes, their descriptions, and their values.



  • Ice Storm can travel through walls and floors. While it doesn't do nearly as much damage to enemies or characters this way, it can be used to dispose of threats that can't reach the player character, i.e., draugr behind locked doors (or ones requiring a pull of a chain or lever to open) and skeevers in falmer pens.
  • Because Ice Storm damages enemies through walls and other barriers, it can be used to wake draugr from floor coffins or sleeping niches. It does not work to wake or damage draugr in vertical coffins, however.


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