"Well, well. You interested in Acrobatics training? You'd be quite a challenge. I'm Ida Vlinorman."
―Ida Vlinorman[src]

Ida Vlinorman quote

Ida Vlinorman is an Imperial and an Apprentice Acrobatics trainer. She has a house in the Elven Gardens District. She keeps her collection of handbills in her basement there.

She likes to travel to Chorrol and is a gambler at the Imperial City Arena. She also climbs chapels in the Elven Gardens District and the Talos Plaza District.

She will not say it, but she is a so-called "associate" to Marinus Catiotus.


Imperial City: "It's just a sport. Chapel climbing. The Watch doesn't like it, but you don't climb chapels while the Watch is standing around."


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