"Not many Khajiit take to the sea. They'll bear it for trade, to move skooma around, but few there are who love her. But I've adored her since I could mewl. And I love her because she doesn't care what the gods or daedra thinks. She's another world, with her own rules."
―Captain Iffech[src]

Iffech is a Khajiiti Sea Captain that appeared in An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City. Captain Iffech first appeared in the Prologue to the story as the Captain of the Wind Oracle. Iffech first felt the sea shutter when Umbriel first appeared out of Oblivion and was very suspicious about how quiet the sea was being afterward. After the sea shifted again and Keem fell from the Crow's Nest, he began to speculate and reminisce on similar events in his lifetime. He braced for impact when the sky turned black and green lightning strike the sky. He knew his and Grayne's lives were over when a large black mass approached them. Both of them died when a strong breeze of foul air enveloped them, and their ship collapsed.[1]



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