Ilasour Tansumiran is a Dunmer eggminer living in Gnisis in the West Gash.


Hlaalu StrongholdEdit

Recruit some egg miners for the Shurdan-Raplay Egg Mine.


Hlaalu Stronghold

recruit some miners "Yes, I am an egg miner, and I'm looking for work. Why do you ask?"

I need miners in the Shurdan-Raplay mine. "I heard the Shurdan-Raplay Mine was going to open again, despite the bandits and the blight. I will serve you and your House faithfully. I will be at the mine with my crew in a few days."
recruit some miners "I will be at the mine as soon as my men are ready."
Nevermind. "I know. Work is hard to find these days."


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