Not to be confused with Ildari Andavel.

Ildari Sarothril is a Dunmer necromancer who once served as an apprentice of Neloth, the Telvanni wizard who lives at Tel Mithryn on the island of Solstheim. She is encountered in Highpoint Tower during the quest Old Friends.

Background[edit | edit source]

"She was a headstrong one. Always pushing Master Neloth to teach her more. Her lust for power was her undoing."
Elynea Mothren[src]

The Telvanni wizard Neloth had been planning for many years to enhance his magical abilities by replacing his own heart with a Heart Stone, similar to how Forsworn Briarhearts replace theirs with Briar Hearts. Ildari, his apprentice, volunteered to be his test subject before he underwent the operation himself, but she was accidentally killed when Neloth performed the operation incorrectly, a death he describes as "most annoying." At least, that was what he believed — the Dragonborn found her empty sarcophagus, and this led Neloth to suspect she was kept from dying by the Heart Stone still embedded in her chest. From her journals, it becomes apparent during the quest Old Friends that Ildari survived, and greatly resents Neloth's bungled operation — mentioning that he promised her power and glory but gave her only great pain — and that she plans to get her revenge by necromantically raising an army of Ash Spawn to destroy Tel Mithryn.

After escaping her grave, Ildari traveled to Highpoint Tower and was taken in by a group of miners, who believed she was severely injured and nursed her back to health. Through the Heart Stone, Ildari noticed that she had become stronger, could feel the "bones in the ash" calling to her, and had learned how to "bind the spirits to bone and ash and raise a servant to do [her] bidding" (according to volume II of her journal). However, she also started to become paranoid from constantly hearing the bones' voices in her head. The voices told her that the miners wanted her Heart Stone for themselves. Raising her Ash Spawn from the ground, she killed the miners' leader and then imprisoned the others as her own test subjects, though it is unknown what experiments she conducted on them. Highpoint Tower thereby became her base of operations where she could plot her revenge upon Neloth undisturbed.

Ildari's journal in Fort Frostmoth (unrelated to the three volumes found in Highpoint Tower) details her successful attempts at re-animating General Falx Carius from the dead, to use him as a puppet in her plan to get revenge on Neloth.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

March of the Dead[edit | edit source]

Her former presence in Fort Frostmoth is attested to by a journal of hers found in the fort's underground crypt during the quest "March of the Dead."

Old Friends[edit | edit source]

Tel Mithryn is under attack by an unknown force. Ash Spawn killed Neloth's previous steward Varona Nelas, and part of his tower mysteriously withered.

After Neloth assigns to the Dragonborn the task of finding him a new steward, and after the withered part of Tel Mithryn is repaired, a third attack causes Neloth to reveal to the Dragonborn his suspicion that the attacks are organized - the same suspicion that Captain Veleth has about the attacks on Raven Rock. Neloth gives the Dragonborn the task of discovering the source of the attacks. After a while, it turns out that Ildari is behind the attacks, in search of revenge.

Notable items[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Old Friends[edit | edit source]

"You've gone far enough. Neloth is a fool to think he could send some low life to finish me off."

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Ugh! The heart stone protects me!"

Combat[edit | edit source]

In combat, Ildari will use her Staff of Lightning Bolts, ward and Shock spells. If fought in her final chambers, she will be aided by two soul-gem fueled traps that will shoot lightning towards intruders. These traps can be disabled by removing the soul gem manually or with a projectile.

She can be defeated at any time after she initially appears in the line of sight of the player. With a powerful shot or blow in stealth, she may go down in one hit. However, after her health is depleted, as long as she still possesses her heart stone, she will not die. She will drop to one knee, still alive, and can be further attacked, but not damaged. Once downed, the Dragonborn can interact with her and choose the "Rip Heart Out" option to kill her. Alternatively, if her heart stone is pickpocketed, she will also die.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ildari's particular Telvanni Robes are slightly altered, as the Heart Stone embedded in her chest is clearly visible while fighting, yet if the robes are equipped, no hole is apparent in the clothing when worn by male characters. If the robes are worn on a female character they will appear exactly as they do on Ildari, with a visible harness but without the Heart Stone.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

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  •  PC   360   PS3   The animation for ripping out Ildari's Heart Stone may not activate after defeating her.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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