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The Barony of the Ilessan Hills is an inland region of southern High Rock. It is on the coast of the Iliac Bay. Its capital is the city of Ilessan Hills, the regional deity is Arkay, and the dominant vampire bloodline is the Haarvenu family. The region is home to the Glenmoril Witches, and their respective coven. A large wildfire started in the region during the Warp in the West.[1] Since then, the region has been under the control of the Kingdom of Daggerfall.


  • Mages Guild: Located in Aldhead Rock, Baelvale, Baelwall, Baelway, Blackley, Blackworth, Burgham, Burging, Charbeth, Charenham End, Croming, Crossfort, Crosspath, Deerway, Eastlech, Gallotower, Galloville, Galloworth, Gothwell, Gothwood, Graygate Hollow, Holmont, Holway, Ilessan Hills, Ipstry, Kirkbrone, Kirkfort, Kirkvale, Knightswall, Lamcastle, Longbeth, Newbrone, Newmarket, Newtown, Oxmarket, Reycroft, Singley, Upbrone, Westshire Field, and Wildering.
  • Thieves Guild: Located in Aldhead Rock, Aldingdale, Baelham, Baelwall, Baelway, Blackley, Blackworth, Burging, Charbeth, Crossfort, Deerway, Gallotower, Galloville, Galloworth, Gothmarket, Graygate Hollow, Ilessan Hills, Ipstry, Kirkbrone, Kirkvale, Lammore Commons, Longbeth, Longbrugh, Midbrugh Hollow, Midford, Newbrone, Newmarket, Oxtower, Singtown, Stokwold, Tunwych, Upbrone, Upcroft, and Westshire Field.




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