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Ilinalta's Deep is the location of the Broken Azura's Star, in the Questline The Black Star. Entering the Deep before receiving The Black Star quest, this area is inhabited by Vampires.


Ilinalta's Deep was originally an Imperial outpost, until it fell into the river. Rumors told that the area was cursed and many feared to go there. After murdering one of his students at The College of Winterhold, Malyn Varen came to this area to experiment with Azura's Star, hoping to achieve immortality by trapping himself inside the Daedric artifact.

Notable loot




If you stand in a body of water into which you could dive (e.g. stairs leading down into water in chamber with Master Necromancer and several Skeleton corpses in Ilinalta's Deluge) and cast Waterbreathing, you can increase your level of Alteration and level up indefinitely.