"You know, I don't get the impression that I'm very well-liked at the College."

Illdi is a Nord bard who studies at the Bards College in Solitude.


Illdi holds a great deal of respect for her teacher at the College, Inge Six Fingers, but is very insecure; she claims that she is not very well-liked by anyone. She generally spends her evenings wandering around alone in the courtyard outside the College.

She seems to be disliked by some other citizens of Solitude, as several have made negative comments about her or to her, such the following one from Pantea Ateia to Viarmo:

Viarmo: "How are your students coming along?"
Pantea: "Passably. Aia is my star pupil; none of the others can hold a candle to her, especially not that wretched Illdi."
Viarmo: "Try not to play favorites, Lady Ateia. It does a disservice to the whole class."
Pantea: "Yes, Headmaster."

However, one Bard, Ataf, explains to Jorn his belief of Illdi's true personality:

Ataf: "I think Illdi's better than Dean Pantea actually knows. She just gets intimidated when she's in class and can't sing."
Jorn: "I think someone has a crush on Illdi."


Diplomatic Immunity

Illdi is seen at Elenwen's party, playing the flute in a corner.

Tending the Flames

Illdi is one of the Bards College's students in attendance to the festival.


Illdi's solo

Inge: "Your solo performance is about a week away. I expect to hear your early rendition tomorrow, understand?"
Illdi: "Oh, thank you! I've been working on an original piece. I hope it can stand up to the classics!"
Inge: "I'll be the judge of that. Now, back to your practice."

The latitude of Solitude

Evette: "A bit of warming wine, Illdi? You know you can't resist."
Illdi: "Not fair. You're well aware I can't seem to get warm here." or "Do you know I look forward to Burning of King Olaf each year just because of the fire?"


  • "You're new here, right? Welcome to the Bards College. It's like a... musical museum."
  • "Dean Inge says a bard can never have enough practice. So, would you like to hear a tune?"
  • "I'm so glad you got back from Olaf's tomb okay. They gave you a tougher task than they gave me."
  • "You know, I don't get the impression that I'm very well-liked at the College."
  • "Thanks for talking to me. People never want to talk to me."
  • "Okay, I'll go now."


  • If killed, a courier may deliver a letter to the Dragonborn from Lisette, thanking them.
  • She will send hired thugs after the Dragonborn if something is stolen from the Bards College.
  • Although Pantea claims that Aia Arria is a much better bard than Illdi, Illdi plays at the Thalmor Embassy during "Diplomatic Immunity" rather than Aia.


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