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Illuminus is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset.




Such drama! Such artistry! Each sad scholar cast off their old, boring mask and took on new roles! Daring adventurers, tortured scullions, and fabled heroes!

But alas! In walked a meddler—a scheming trickster, intent on disrupting the scholars' play! Little did this intruder know that a terrifying fate awaited them!

Again and again, the valiant "hero" barged onto the stage. With dead, sour words, this intruder sapped the players of their strength. At length, these foolish bookworms forgot their roles—slipping back into the dull, predictable routines that can only laughingly be called "real life."

Eventually, the daring playwright grew tired of the hero's meddling. She gazed across a dark and churning sea—the ocean of brooding nightmares, upon which only the bravest artists sail. And from its inky depths, she summoned up horrors beyond imagining. Soon, the hero would be consumed!

Alas, the horrors were not enough! The hero charged headlong after the playwright, trampling her creations underfoot. For all her beauty, and guile, and imagination, the playwright—the Illuminated One—could not forestall the hero's clumsy victory. With a fitful scream, and a vow of revenge, she retreated to the pages of her book. There she will remain. Waiting. Plotting her next magnificent manuscript.


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