Not to be confused with Ilmeni Arelas.

Ilmeni Dren is a Dunmer Noble and member of House Hlaalu, who resides in the Vivec, St. Delyn Canton.


She is the daughter of Duke Vedam Dren and is anti-slavery. She is the leader of the Twin Lamps. Her uncle, Orvas Dren, who owns one of the biggest slave-run plantations in Vvardenfell, does not share the same thoughts about slavery.


Literacy CampaignEdit

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The Twin LampsEdit

  • The Nerevarine must have fulfilled two feats before Ilmeni Dren will inform them of this quest. Firstly they must have completed her previous quest, assisting in her "Literacy Campaign." Secondly, they must have also helped the Twin Lamps movement by freeing more than 20 slaves and learned of the code words. She will instruct them to meet with a member of the movement, Galyn Arvel, in Ald Velothi.

Free Hides-His-FootEdit

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Maiden's TokenEdit

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Brallion's RingEdit

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