"I’m Ilver Indarys, and these are the Knights of the Thorn."
―Ilver Indarys[src]

Ilver Indarys was a member of the Knights of the Thorn in 4E 40. He is most likely a descendant of either Farwil Indarys or Andel Indarys.[1]


Umbriel CrisisEdit

During their retreat to the Imperial City, Mazgar and Brennus were sighted by a party of zombies. After an hour of running away, Brennus started to falter. They decided to build a barricade in an abandoned farmstead. They were surrounded by at least fifteen of them. Brennus casted a spell that desintegrated three zombies. When the fire flame began to subside, Mazgar placed herself in the door, but the rest of the wormies were already dead.

They found twenty knights in heavy armor instead. Ilver Indarys introduced himself and explained that they had seen them escape from the zombies from a hilltop. The Knights of the Thorn came back from Cheydinhal, they had gone to aid the city, but when they arried everyone had left. Mazgar explained them that the city had been evacuated.

Ilver offered two mounts to Mazgar and Brennus, and the knights headed to the Blue Road to aid the refugees.[1]



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