"It is not time that has hurt you so. What have you done to yourself, Ezhmaar?"
―Ilzheven's ghost to Sul[src]

Ilzheven is wife to Ezhmaar Sul. She appears as a ghost in the events of An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City.


Her face was formed by delicate curves. Her eyes' color was red, like the last fading of a sunset.[1]


After Vivec disappeared, the Dunmer needed a source of power to hold Baar Dau in the air. The Ingenium was used to keep the Ministry of Truth floating. In order to work properly, the Ingenium needed mortal souls. Firstly, only the souls of criminals and outlaws were used to run the Ingenium. Yet, Vuhon discovered that around twelve 'large' souls could power it for for months.

According to Vuhon, Ilzheven had the right sort of soul, so she was chosen to power the Ingenium. However, Sul claimed that she had been chosen because she loved Sul and not Vuhon. Sul tried to save her, but he ended up destroying the Ingenium. Ilzheven died and Baar Dau fell destroying Vivec City and its surroundings. [2] It is thought that the collision was the direct cause of the eruption of the Red Mountain.

She appeared in a vision sent by Azura to Sul as the last time he saw her, pale and lifeless.[3] Sul traveled to Vivec City searching for Umbra. However, he found an excavation where the sword should have been. Someone had taken the sword. Ilzheven's ghost formed from a column of dust. Sul had to control his feelings to ask her what had happened to Umbra. Ilzheven told him that a Dunmer wearing a ring with a draugr had taken the sword. She also told Sul that she knew what had happened and to let it go.[1]


  • "Is it still there? The house where we learned each other? In the bamboo grove, where the waters trickled cold from the mountains and the larkins sang?"
  • "Let it go, do no more harm to yourself."



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