Not to be confused with Im-Zish.
"Never clean. Never clean enough."

Im-Kajin is an Argonian beggar found sweeping the dirt outside of Daynila's House in Stormhold, Shadowfen.


Are you sweeping the dirt? "Yes. The mistress asked me to clean. She promised me many treats if her home is spotless when she returns. Many, many treats."

Who's your mistress? "She is my mistress. A beautiful Dunmer woman, made with the grace of a hundred bowing reeds. Her voice is like warm rays of sun. Her touch is like the wind's caress. Yes. She is my mistress."
And you think you can get it clean?: "This is the last spot. Last stubborn spot, and I will clean it. The mistress wants it so. Then it will be so."
Are you... all right? "Of course! Why would I not be all right? My mistress returns soon, and she will be delighted. Then we will have many treats together, and all will be right again. As soon as I get this last spot done."
Why don't you take a break from sweeping? "What? Why? Did she... are you trying to gain the favor of my mistress? I see! This is a test. No, I must finish my work."


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