White Ridge Barrow 04 Imbuing Chamber

Imbuing Chamber

The Imbuing Chamber is a crafting station added in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn. It can be found in White Ridge Barrow in the sub location White Ridge Sanctum.

It can be used to create various types of spider scrolls that can be deployed against foes. These spiders will be found within the "scroll" section of the Items menu.

A small number of recipes can be found in a book next to the Imbuing Chamber.


Jumping Flame Spider (x3)

Jumping Frost Spider (x3)

Jumping Shock Spider (x3)

Jumping Poison Spider (x3)

Flame Cloaked Spider  (x3)

Frost Cloaked Spider (x3)

Shock Cloaked Spider (x3)

Poison Cloaked Spider (x3)

Exploding Flame Spider (x3)

Exploding Frost Spider (x3)

Exploding Shock Spider (x3)

Exploding Poison Spider (x3)

Mind Control Spider

Oil Spider

Glowing Spider

Pack Spider

These spiders cannot be crafted in the Imbuing Chamber, but all their data is in the game.


  • Using flawless versions of the required gemstones doubles the number of spiders produced.
  • The soul gem for mind control spider does not need to be filled.
  • The type of soul gem used has no effect on the number of created mind control spiders.
  • Any combination of spider pods, gems, and soul gems can be placed in the imbuing chamber. Once they are all placed inside, activate the switch again and again. It will produce one successful combination per pull, saving time.


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