"Lisbet handles the customers. I just check the shipments."


Imedhnain is a Breton food vendor living in Markarth.


He works and sleeps in the Arnleif and Sons Trading Company, in Markarth. He assists Lisbet, the owner of the shop. Imedhnain's cousin, Cosnach, also works for the company.


Hired ThugsEdit

If the Dragonborn murders Cosnach or steals from him, Imedhnain will send hired thugs after the Dragonborn.


If Lisbet dies, Imedhnain will take over the Arnleif and Sons Trading Company.


Lisbet: "Imedhnain, I was just comparing the ledgers from last season."
Imedhnain: "Not too bad, I hope?"
Lisbet: "Worse. The loss of shipments from Forsworn attacks are really hitting us hard."

Lisbet: "Where's Cosnach, is that lazy idiot out drinking at the Silver-Blood Inn again? On my coin?"
Imedhnain: "He's just waiting for the shipments, Lisbet. He'll be back as soon as they come in."
Lisbet: "There are no shipments scheduled today. Stop covering for him!"
Imedhnain: "He's my cousin. Just give him another chance. Please."
Lisbet: "Fine, I won't fire him, but I'm doing this for your sake. Not his."


  • "Feel free to take a look around the store."
  • "I've been at Arnleif and Sons all my life. It's a good store."
  • "I remember old Arnleif building each shelf in this store himself."
  • "Old Arnleif would be proud of Lisbet. She's kept this place running, thick and thin."
  • "I better get back to sorting the dry goods."
  • "Now where did I put that shipment of forks..."



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  •  360   After entering Arnleif and Sons, Imedhnain may randomly appear near the Dragonborn every time they fast travel, remarking how he remembers "Old Arnleif." This happened after completing "The Numbers Job" for the Thieves Guild in his shop.


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