Not to be confused with Imperial Legion Battlemage (Oblivion).

The term Imperial Battlemage has had a variety of meanings throughout Tamriel's history. Most generally it refers to a Battlemage directly in the service of the Emperor of Tamriel, and who serves as part of the Elder Council.[1] Imperial Battlemage has also been used to refer to a body of Battlemage troops, most particularly those which were trained at the Battlespire.[2][3]


The title initially referred to an elite form of troops in the service of either the Alessian or Reman Empire (the text is unclear which started the tradition).[1] Initially, the term merely referred to battlemages in general, which were a new form of combat troops at the time, but under the Reman Empire came to refer to the leader of these troops, who was also granted a seat on the Elder Council.[1] Following the fall of the Akaviri Potentate, the post was used generally to refer to warrior-caster troops, without any political connotation.[1]

Tiber Septim appointed Zurin Arctus to the position in its former meaning, and the term had fallen into enough disuse that Arctus is sometimes considered the first to hold the post.[4] Arctus takes an active role in the diplomacy and politics of Tiber's conquest, in addition to performing ceremonial and research duties for his emperor. It is at this time that we see the title Grand Battlemage used to describe the leader of the Imperial Battlemages unit.[5]

After Zurin's death, it seems no further Imperial Battlemages were appointed during Tiber's rule, and the post lay vacant until revived by the Empress Morihatha.[6]

The next known Imperial Battlemage was under the service of Uriel Septim VII, Jagar Tharn. Tharn imprisoned Uriel in 3E 389, and impersonated him until his defeat by Queen Barenziah's champion ten years later.[7] He was replaced by Ocato.

Following the Stormcrown Interregnum, there have been no known Imperial Battlemages.


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