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This article refers to the district. For the palace building, see Elder Council Chambers.

The Imperial City Palace, also known as the Imperial City, Green Emperor Way or the White-Gold Tower, is the district in the center of Imperial City and holds the palace building. Fly Amanita can be found growing here in abundance.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Green Emperor Way is filled with tombstones and mausoleums. The tower itself has six floors, going upwards they are the basement, two Elder Council floors, the Imperial Palace Guards' Quarters, the Elder Scrolls Library, the Blind Moth Monks' Quarters and the Imperial Battlemages' Quarters (High Chancellor Ocato).

However the highest a normal visitor can go is the second floor of the Elder Council floors. The next door is locked and there is no key to get through. The remaining floors are only accessible in the Thieves Guild quest "The Ultimate Heist."

The only way to actually get through to these floors is to enter a passage called the old way. This is located in the Imperial Sewers. One can also use console commands to unlock the doors, but this can become very complicated because the guards will attack when one enters restricted areas.

During the Great War of 4E 171175 the Imperial City was captured and sacked, the Imperial Palace was burnt and the White-Gold Tower was looted.

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