"Wha- who... you're that one from Helgen. Barely made it out of there myself. I hurt my back and I- I just need something for the pain."
―Imperial Deserter[src]

The Imperial Deserter is an Imperial skooma addict in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. He is located inside of Redwater Den.


He was one of the soldiers stationed in Helgen when Alduin attacked during the quest "Unbound." He escaped, but injured his back. To ease the pain, he took to Redwater Skooma, and subsequently became addicted to it.


The Bloodstone ChaliceEdit

He is one of the many Redwater Skooma addicts found inside Redwater Den. After the Bloodstone Chalice is filled, while exiting the cave he, along with the other addicts, will be found dead.


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