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Imperial Dragon Armor or Emperor's Armor, is a set of armor worn only by the emperors of the Tamrielic Empire. It was presumably first worn by Tiber Septim, and thus became a tradition for the emperors following him. Martin Septim wears a set during the Defense of Bruma quest. The Hero of Kvatch was allowed to wear Imperial Dragon Armor in a change of tradition by Chancellor Ocato, head of the Elder Council.

Location[edit | edit source]

Imperial Dragon Armor is the reward for completing the main quest. The armor is special-ordered and can be picked up from a table in the Armory in the Imperial City Prison District 14 days after completing the "Light the Dragonfires" quest.

Physical appearance[edit | edit source]

Its appearance is similar to that of Legion Armor and Imperial Watch Armor but with different coloration and patterns. The armor is elegantly crafted, with gems embedded into the golden metal of the plates.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Although the Main Quest must be completed to obtain it, the armor is rather weak. As Light Armor, it provides less protection than Mithril Armor, and as Heavy Armor it provides less protection than Orcish Armor. However, it is unique because it is enchanted.

Attributes by piece[edit | edit source]

The type of armor received depends on which armor skill is higher, light or heavy. If both skills are the same, the heavy armor version will be rewarded.

Heavy[edit | edit source]

Piece ArmorIcon.png WeightIcon.png Health-icon.png Gold ID
Imperial Dragon Helmet 5 8 400 120 000ADDA2
Imperial Dragon Cuirass 12.5 40 775 420 000ADDAA
Imperial Dragon Gauntlets 5 8 400 120 000ADD51
Imperial Dragon Greaves 7.5 24 575 220 000ADD52
Imperial Dragon Boots 5 12 375 120 000ADD4E
Total 35 92 2,525 1,000

Light[edit | edit source]

Piece ArmorIcon.png WeightIcon.png Health-icon.png Gold ID
Imperial Dragon Helmet 3 1.8 150 30 000ADE2A
Imperial Dragon Cuirass 8 9 280 100 000ADD50
Imperial Dragon Gauntlets 3 1.8 150 30 000ADE26
Imperial Dragon Greaves 4 5.4 230 55 000ADE27
Imperial Dragon Boots 3 2 160 30 000ADDA3
Total 21 20 970 245

Emperor's armor[edit | edit source]

Armor worn by Martin Septim during the defense of Bruma.

Piece ArmorIcon.png WeightIcon.png Health-icon.png Gold ID
Emperor's Helmet 7.5 7 1,000 0 0001FED2
Emperor's Cuirass 18.75 35 2,000 0 0003ABB9
Emperor's Gauntlets 7.5 7 1,000 0 0001FED0
Emperor's Greaves 11.25 21 1,500 0 0001FED1
Emperor's Boots 7.5 10.5 1,000 0 0001FECE
Total 52.5 80.5 6,500 0
  • Though not normally available, this set is vastly superior in armor, weight and health.

Enchantments[edit | edit source]

The enchantments are the same for both light and heavy armor. All enchantments are Constant Effect.

Name Enchantments
Helmet Resist Shock 20% on Self
Cuirass Resist Magic 11% on Self
Gauntlets Resist Poison 11% on Self
Greaves Resist Fire 20% on Self
Boots Resist Frost 20% on Self

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