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Imperial Dragon Armor is a quest in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. At the conclusion of the fight with Mehrunes Dagon, Martin Septim will disappear, leaving the throne of the Emperor empty once again. Chancellor Ocato will speak to the Hero and will give them the rank of Champion of Cyrodiil in the Order of the Dragon. The Hero will then be awarded Emperor's armor, also known as the Imperial Dragon Armor.


Chancellor Ocato will order the Imperial Dragon Armor, which will arrive in two weeks at the Imperial Legion's Armory in the Imperial City Prison District.

When two weeks have gone, speak to Ocato; he will say the armor is ready to be picked up. The armor is enchanted with resistances to fire, shock, poison, frost, and magic.


Imperial Dragon Armor – MQDragonArmor
IDJournal Entry
10Chancellor Ocato has ordered a suit of Imperial Dragon armor forged for me in gratitude for the services I rendered to the Empire during the Oblivion Crisis. It will be waiting for me at the armory in the Imperial Legion Compound in two weeks.
20The Imperial Dragon armor ordered for me by Chancellor Ocato should be ready. I can pick it up from the armory in the Imperial Legion Compound.
30I received the Imperial Dragon armor that Chancellor Ocato had forged for me.
  • Quest complete



  • The game uses the best skill (Light Armor vs. Heavy Armor) to decide which version to give the Hero of Kvatch, with a tie choosing Heavy. The type of armor that is received is determined when the Hero actually receives the armor, rather than when it is first ordered.

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