Imperial Incursion is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Go to Satakalaam and speak to General Thoda
  2. After speaking to General Thoda, enter the city and rescue the four captives
  3. After rescuing the captives, go to Magnifico Khorshad and interrogate him
  4. Blow up the tunnels beneath Khorshad's Manor
  5. Return to General Thoda


Upon arriving at Satakalaam, the Vestige will find the city under siege by the Daggerfall Covenant, its army being led by General Thoda. Talk with Thoda, who will explain the situation and ask the Vestige to save the hostages so an assault can take place.

The hostages can be found in the houses in the northern and western part of town. Upon saving Lady Moyaltha, she will point out her suspicions regarding Magnifico Khorshad, and how she believes him to be responsible for the Imperial capture of the city.

Going to the eastern part of town and enter the Khorshad Manor, Magnifico Khorshad can be found and interrogated. Upon interrogation, he admits to letting the Imperials enter the city through an old smuggling tunnel.

After entering the smuggling tunnel and blowing it up, the Vestige has to return to General Thoda for their reward.


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