Imperial Infiltration is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The city of Evermore is in dire straits. King Eamond is dead and Reachmen are bearing down on the city from the north. Duke Renchant plans to hand the city over to Imperial control, but I have agreed to work with Queen Arzhela to stop him.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Queen Arzhela
  2. Go to Sir Jarnot and Glarikha
  3. Speak to the Strange Crow
  4. Deal with the three Imperial spies, Marcius Cipius, Nari Buteo, and Sextus Denter
  5. Read Orders from Duke Renchant
  6. Kill Captain Hjurrun
  7. Return to Queen Arzhela
  8. Deal with Duke Renchant
  9. Return to Queen Arzhela


Following their discovery of Duke Renchant's plan, Queen Arzhela tasks the Vestige with getting rid of the Imperial spies within Evermore. The Vestige is ordered to find Sir Jarnot and Glarikha. Their bodies are found on the city walls, near a Strange Crow. After talking with the Strange Crow, it is agreed that the Vestige will root out the Imperial spies in the city, while the Crows will kill them. Each of the three spies can be found in seperate parts of the city.

Upon dealing with the spies, the Vestige must go to an alley in the city, where they will find an order adressed to Captain Hjurrun, written by Duke Renchant, ordering Hjurrun to deal with the Vestige. After reading these orders, Hjurrun engages in combat with the Vestige.

Upon his death, the Vestige must return to Queen Arzhela, who can be found in Evermore Castle. Upon being informed of what has occured to Glarikha and Sir Jarnot, Queen Arzhela orders the Vestige to come with her to confront Duke Renchant.

Duke Renchant can be found in the lower part of the castle, where he will insist what he did was right for Evermore. The Vestige has three options, they can spare, kill, or let the Queen decide what to do with Renchant. After this decision is made, the Vestige must speak to the Queen in front of the castle, after which she will reward them.



  • Starting this quest prevents Dark Wings from being offered.

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