Imperial Legion Foresters are soldiers recruited into the Imperial Legion as scouts and are known for being exceptionally skilled in archery, hunting, and their ability to survive in the elements.


These scouts can be found throughout Cyrodiil, keeping the forests and roads safe from bandits and beasts alike. Foresters can often be found hunting nearby Deer for their Venison and to keep their skills honed. Imperial Legion Foresters are often more lightly armored than their fellow Legionnaires but are always guaranteed to be carrying one piece of Legion Armor so they can be identified by others.

Role in the Oblivion CrisisEdit

During the Oblivion Crisis, Foresters were used to scout out areas consumed by Daedra and their Oblivion Gates. Along with other branches of the Imperial Legion, the Foresters were expected to delay the spread of the daedra in anyway possible. This naturally led to a high number of casualties within the Forester Legion, unlike other branches of the Legion, Foresters tend to work alone.


In combat, the Foresters will use their bows and not engage in sword combat (as they have no melee weapons) they have high Athletics skill and run very fast (to the extent they can catch up with a sprinting deer with ease) and use this to maneuver around enemies to flank them with volleys of levelled arrows from their silver bows.



  • Foresters die quickly, as they frequently run around areas fighting enemies and hunting deer (mostly the latter) by hunting deer they run into bandits.
  • Strangely, the Foresters do not wear the Forester's Shirt, a rare weightless shirt found in the game.


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  • Imperial Legion Foresters' AI causes them to sometimes engage in combat with other Legion members. One such event occurs west of Bruma due to two Forester's patrolling in a close proximity to each other.


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