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"The Imperial Legion is at your disposal, citizen. What seems to be the problem?"
―Imperial Legion Soldier[src]

Imperial Legion Soldiers are Imperial members of the Legion. They are typically found roaming the countryside on horseback, or in cities and taverns.


They normally wear a full set of Legion Armor, and wield steel weapons, typically the longsword and a bow and arrows


The Battle for Castle KvatchEdit


Light the DragonfiresEdit



The Battle for Castle Kvatch

"We saw the smoke from the Gold Road while out on patrol. How can we help?"

Follow me! "We'll be right behind you."

If approached again:

"Lead the way, I'm right behind you."


The Fort Sutch Oblivion Gate

Imperial Legion Soldier: "Sir, there's too many of them! We have to fall back!"
Imperial Legion Captain: "No! We hold them here."

After speaking with the Hero:

Imperial Legion Captain: "We can use your (referring to the Hero of Kvatch) help! Let's go!"


  • "Hail, good citizen! How can I be of service?"
  • "Hail, citizen. I speak for the Emperor. Or... at least I did..."
  • "What is it, sir?"
  • "State your business, citizen."
  • "Duty calls."
  • "There's evil afoot, citizen, and I've little time for chatter. What is it?"
  • "Stay safe, citizen. These are dark times...."
  • "Long live the Empire!"
  • "Farewell, citizen."
  • "Carry on."
  • "Move along."
Rumors said by Legionnaires
  • "Emperors have been assassinated before, but this time... I don't know. It's different. Can't you feel it? A shadow has fallen across all of Tamriel."
  • "The Emperor is dead, and so are his heirs. We're a Legion without a leader. The Blades were trusted with our Lord's protection... and they failed."
  • "Truth is, the Legion doesn't know who was behind the Emperor's murder. We've already ruled out the Dark Brotherhood. So is this something... worse?"
  • "If you've got to travel, by the Nine Divines, stay on the roads! The wilderness just isn't safe anymore. We've had sightings, you see. The Daedra..."
  • "Have you heard? Adamus Phillida has been killed! Murdered by the Dark Brotherhood!"
  • "Have you not heard? The Oblivion crisis has ended! Martin Septim gave his own life to destroy the Daedra horde! We are victorious!"
  • "Thank Akatosh the Oblivion Crisis is over! Although with no Emperor and no heir, I wonder what will happen to the Empire?"
  • "It's over, citizen. The crisis has ended. But at what cost? We are an Empire without an Emperor. The future is uncertain, at best."
Quest quotes
  • "There are too many of them!" – After the death of a soldier at Fort Sutch.
  • "Back to Oblivion with you!" – During combat at the Fort Sutch Oblivion Gate.
  • "Hold the line!" – After the death of a soldier at Fort Sutch.
  • "Watch the flank!" – During combat at the Fort Sutch Oblivion Gate.
  • "Steady!" – During combat at the Fort Sutch Oblivion Gate.
  • "We need to fall back!" – After the death of a soldier at Fort Sutch.
  • "You went inside that Gate, huh? You saved our necks, so thanks." – After closing the Oblivion Gate at Fort Sutch.
  • "I was afraid we were gonna be ordered in there. Legion always ends up doing everybody's dirty work." – After closing the Oblivion Gate at Fort Sutch.
  • "We were ordered out to attack the daedra coming out of that Oblivion Gate. Captain's the only one who knows what's going on." – Before closing the Oblivion Gate at Fort Sutch.
  • "Come on! We have to protect Martin until he can light the Dragonfires in the Temple!" – During "Light the Dragonfires"



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