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"No one has escaped the Imperial Prison in over 40 years, since the days of Jagar Tharn and the Imperial Simulacrum"
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The Imperial Prison is the jail in the Imperial City and is the largest prison in the game. There are several quests involving it.


The dungeon of the Imperial Prison is the starting point of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The jail also holds Valen Dreth and Claudius Arcadia as prisoners. Depending on the Hero's choices in Oblivion, the Hero may have to infiltrate the prison to kill Valen Dreth — the Hero must be in the Dark Brotherhood — and if the Hero does not kill any guards, then a bonus is received.



A main quest that must be completed; it is the opening Quest in Oblivion, where the Hero finds his or her way out of the prison via a secret escape route that is also in use by Emperor Uriel Septim.

Scheduled for ExecutionEdit

A Dark Brotherhood quest, in which the Listener infiltrates the prison to locate and kill Valen Dreth, an old and weak Dunmer who formerly teased the Hero during the opening tutorial.



  • On one of the walls in the dip where the secret passage descends, there is a tally adding up to 23. From this, it could be inferred that the Hero of Kvatch was imprisoned for 23 days before their escape.


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