Sanctioned by Warden Arius

Prisoner 20240
Inmate refused to be transferred to his new cell, inflicted bodily harm on prison staff.
20 days solitary confinement.

Prisoner 20241
Inmate threatened prison staff, shouting obscenities and cursing the Empress-Regent.
10 days solitary confinement.

Prisoner 20242
Inmate caught with sharpened glass hidden under clothing.
15 days solitary confinement.

Sanctioned by Lord Warden Dusk

Prisoner 20243
Inmate blinked under watcher's necrotic gaze as it tore his face—when explicitly told not to.
Summary execution.

Prisoner 20244
Inmate wretch attempted to ingest the entirety of his cellmate's heart.
Summary execution.

Prisoner 20245
Inmate squealed like a Nirn-born animal as staff carved prison documentation into his skin.
Summary execution.

Prisoner 20246
Inmate complained incessantly about damaged appendage, which prison staff removed before administering punishment.
Summary execution.

Prisoner 20247
Summary execution.

Prisoner 20248
Summary execution.

Prisoner 20249
Summary execution.

Prisoner 20250
Summary execution.

Prisoner 20251
Summary execution.

Prisoner 20252
Inmate complained incessantly about lost face.
Summary execution pending.


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