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Imperial Soldiers are soldiers of the Imperial Legion in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


"What the rebels like to forget is that the Empire's what's keeping the Dominion out of Skyrim."
―Imperial Soldier[src]

They are the main soldiers of the Imperial Legion located in Skyrim. While part of the Imperial forces within the province was not born in Skyrim,[1] a considerable portion of them are local recruits,[2] as the Legion in Skyrim gets few reinforcements from the rest of the Empire.[3] Legionnaires join the Legion forces in Skyrim for a variety of reasons. Some join out of tradition, as their parents were Legionnaires before them and they never considered doing anything else. Others joined out of a desire to see the world, while there were also those who joined the Legion to actively put a halt to the Stormcloaks, despite their families often disagreeing with the notion.[4]

Legionnaires within Skyrim are largely considered to be militia,[5] a feat reflected in their armor, which is often light and not meant for full-on combat.[6] While their forces are commanded by General Tullius,[7] the local recruitment process is performed by Legate Rikke.[8][3] The most common races making up the Imperial forces in Skyrim are Imperials and Nords, though Redguards, and Bretons also make up its forces. Among the officers, even a Dunmer, and Altmer Legate can be found. Dunmer farmers within Skyrim are occassionally seen making their way to Solitude to join up with the Legion,[9] as they see their treatment at the hands of the Nords as injust.[10] These Dunmer are, however, never seen as Imperial soldiers.

Battle and interactions[]

Unlike Stormcloak Soldiers, whose ranks are relatively equal in terms of gender, Legion soldiers are all males, with only four female soldiers found at the beginning of the game; one Imperial Soldier at the tower in Helgen, one Imperial Captain, one Imperial Mage fighting Alduin, and one Legate, Legate Rikke. However, it is possible for the Legionnaire's corpse at Dragontooth Crater to be female, as well as an Imperial corpse at Shor's Watchtower.

Siding with the Imperial Legion during the Civil War prompts soldiers to greet the Dragonborn with their rank.


Imperial Legion Soldiers wear a full set of Imperial Light Armor, wearing either Studded Imperial Armor or normal Imperial Light Armor. They sometimes use Imperial Shields, and are armed with Imperial Swords and an Imperial Bow with Steel Arrows.

Legate Rikke and Captains wear heavier Imperial Armor with the Imperial Officer's Helmet, while normal Legates wear heavy Imperial Armor, without the helmet. They are armed with Imperial Swords and an Imperial Bow, with steel arrows at their disposal.

Imperial Quartermasters wear a Blacksmith's Apron and shoes and are armed with an Imperial Sword and Imperial Bow, with Steel Arrows.


  • At the beginning of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Imperial Soldiers lead the Dragonborn to be executed in Helgen.
  • Imperial Camps, located in Stormcloak-aligned Holds.
  • Imperial Guards appear in cities conquered by the Imperial Legion during the Civil War quest line; they are Imperial Soldiers that act as Hold Guards.
  • Defending captured forts.
  • Assaulting Japhet's Folly during the quest "Rise in the East."
  • They can be found throughout the Civil War quest line, as either allies or enemies depending on which side chosen.
  • Three Imperial Soldiers can appear as random encounters, escorting a Stormcloak Prisoner to Solitude.
  • Three Imperial Soldiers can be found in a random encounter fighting three Stormcloak Soldiers. The Dragonborn can join the fight on either side with no repercussions.
  • Three Imperial Soldiers can be found in a random encounter fighting three members of the Forsworn.
  • Three Imperial Soldiers can be found, wandering the wilds.
  • Three Imperial Soldiers can be found at an unmarked reach camp in Markath Hold where they are fighting Forsworn.


Official concept art of an Imperial Legion Soldier.

  • Imperial Soldier – Basic Legion soldiers which make up most of the Army, proficient in One-Handed and Light Armor skills.
  • Imperial Archer – Legion soldiers with a higher Archery skill than One-Handed skill.
  • Imperial Mage – Legion soldiers that are proficient in Destruction Magic. Only two of these can be found at the beginning of the game.
  • Imperial Quartermaster – Legion blacksmiths that can be traded with, who can be found in the Imperial Camps.
  • Imperial Fort Commander – Commanding officer at a captured fort.
  • Imperial Field Legate – Commands the soldiers in the field and second only to the general.
  • Imperial General – Highest Commanding officer of the entire Legion.


Imperial Soldier[]

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Image Race Gender Level Class Location RefID BaseID
000AA8D4.png Nord Male PC×1 (20–50) Soldier N/A N/A 000AA8D4
000AA8D5.png Nord Male PC×1 (20–50) Soldier N/A N/A 000AA8D5
000AA8D6.png Nord Male PC×1 (20–50) Soldier N/A N/A 000AA8D6
000AA8D7.png Nord Male PC×1 (20–50) Soldier N/A N/A 000AA8D7
000AA8D8.png Nord Male PC×1 (20–50) Soldier N/A N/A 000AA8D8
000AA8FC.png Nord Male PC×1 (20–50) Soldier N/A N/A 000AA8FC
000AA8FD.png Nord Male PC×1 (20–50) Soldier N/A N/A 000AA8FD
000AA901.png Nord Male PC×1 (20–50) Soldier N/A N/A 000AA901
000AA913.png Nord Male PC×1 (20–50) Soldier N/A N/A 000AA913
000D67B8.png Imperial Male 1 Ranger Helgen 000D5693 000D67B8
000D7D7D.png Imperial Male 1 Ranger Helgen 000D56C3 000D7D7D
000D7D8E.png Imperial Male 1 Warrior Helgen 000D56D7 000D7D8E
000E1E95.png Imperial Male 1 Ranger Helgen 000E1E93 000E1E95
000E491B.png Imperial Male PC×1 (5–12) Ranger Helgen 000E4919 000E491B
000E4920.png Imperial Male PC×1 (5–12) Ranger Helgen 000E491E 000E4920
000E6D5C.png Imperial Male PC×1 (5–12) Ranger Helgen 000E6D5B 000E6D5C
000E72BB.png Imperial Male PC×1 (5–12) Ranger Helgen 000E72B9 000E72BB
000E77FD.png Imperial Male PC×1 (5–12) Ranger Helgen 000E77FB 000E77FD
000E77F9.png Imperial Male PC×1 (5–12) Ranger Helgen 000E77F7 000E77F9
000FE510.png Nord Male 1 Warrior N/A N/A 000FE510
000F3E6D.png Imperial Male PC×1 (5–12) Ranger Helgen 000F3E70 000F3E6D
000F3E6E.png Imperial Male PC×1 (5–12) Ranger Helgen 000F3E73 000F3E6E
000F3E6F.png Imperial Male PC×1 (5–12) Ranger Helgen 000F3E74 000F3E6F
000F94AE.png Imperial Male PC×1 (5–12) Ranger Helgen 000F94AD 000F94AE
000F94A9.png Imperial Male PC×1 (5–12) Ranger Helgen 000F94A8 000F94A9
000F94B5.png Nord Male 1 Warrior Helgen 000F94B6
Impsoldierwreck1.png Imperial Male PC×0.25 (1–50) Soldier Wreck of The Icerunner 00090657 00017140
Impsoldierwreck2.png Imperial Male PC×0.25 (1–50) Soldier Wreck of The Icerunner 0008E75D 00017142
Impsoldierwreck3.png Breton Male PC×0.25 (1–50) Soldier Wreck of The Icerunner 0008E75C
Nordsoldiersovngarde2.png Nord Male PC×1.5 (3–20) Scout Sovngarde 00090A60 000173C1
Nordsoldierhelgenkeep.png Nord Male 1 Warrior Helgen
Helgen Keep
Nordsoldierhelgen.png Nord Male 1 Warrior Helgen 000654F5
0005AF2A.png Imperial Male PC×0.25 (1–50) Soldier Korvanjund Halls:

Korvanjund Temple:
0006E21C.png Nord Male 1 Warrior N/A N/A 0006E21C
Imperialsoldierwhiterun.png Imperial Male PC×0.25 (1–50) Soldier Whiterun 00073FDF
0008DE5D.png Imperial Male 1 Warrior Helgen Keep 0005CEEE 0008DE5D
Nordsoldiersovngarde.png Nord Male PC×1.5 (3–20) Scout Sovngarde 00090A88 00091AF2
TESV NPC 0010A1AA.png Nord Male 1 Warrior N/A N/A 0010A1AA
TESV NPC 0010A1AB.png Imperial Male 1 Warrior Helgen Keep 0005CEEC 0010A1AB
TESV NPC 0010A1A0.png Imperial Male 1 Warrior Helgen Keep 0004E1CF 0010A1A0
TESV NPC 0010A1A1.png Imperial Male 1 Warrior Helgen Keep 0004E1D9 0010A1A1
TESV NPC 0010A1A2.png Nord Male 1 Warrior Helgen Keep 0004E1DB 0010A1A2
TESV NPC 0010A19F.png Nord Male 1 Warrior Helgen Keep 0004E1CB 0010A19F
TESV NPC 00106B83.png Imperial Female 1 Warrior Helgen 00105EE3 00106B83
TESV NPC 00106B84.png Imperial Male 1 Warrior Helgen 00106B85 00106B84


Skyrim Civil War[]

Imperial Soldiers are involved with the vast majority of quests in the Civil War questline, either as allies or enemies.


Rise in the East[]

As mercenaries of the East Empire Company, Legion soldiers are involved in this quest to get rid of a group of pirates.

Siege on the Dragon Cult[]

Captain Valmir of the Thalmor has been abusing the war effort in an attempt to gain a powerful artifact at Forelhost, sending numerous Imperials and Stormcloaks to their deaths. Near the end of the quest, Valmir will be attacked by either an Imperial or Stormcloak soldier.


Show: At Helgen
At Helgen:

Imperial: "General Tullius, sir! The headsman is waiting!"
Tullius: "Good. Let's get this over with."
Lokir: "Shor, Mara, Dibella, Kynareth, Akatosh. Divines, please help me."
Ralof: "Look at him, General Tullius, the Military Governor. And it looks like the Thalmor are with him. Damn elves. I bet they had something to do with this. This is Helgen. I used to be sweet on a girl from here. Wonder if Vilod is still making that mead with juniper berries mixed in. Funny, when I was a boy, Imperial walls and towers used to make me feel so safe."
Haming: "Who are they, daddy? Where are they going?"
Torolf: "You need to go inside, little cub."
Haming: "Why? I want to watch the soldiers."
Torolf: "Inside the house. Now."
Haming: "Yes, papa."
Imperial: "Whoa!"
Captain: "Get these prisoners out of the carts. Move it!"
Lokir: "Why are we stopping?"
Ralof: "Why do you think? End of the line. Let's go. Shouldn't keep the gods waiting for us."
Lokir: "No! Wait! We're not rebels!"
Ralof: "Face your death with some courage, thief."
Lokir: "You've got to tell them! We weren't with you! This is a mistake!"
Captain: "Step towards the block when we call your name. One at a time."
Ralof: "Empire loves their damn lists."
Hadvar: "Ulfric Stormcloak. Jarl of Windhelm."
Ralof: "It has been an honor, Jarl Ulfric!"
Hadvar: "Ralof of Riverwood. Lokir of Rorikstead."
Lokir: "No, I'm not a rebel. You can't do this!" [runs]
Captain: "Halt!"
Lokir: "You're not going to kill me!"
Captain: "Archers!" [Lokir is shot dead] "Anyone else feel like running?"
Hadvar: "Wait. You there. Step forward. Who are you?"

Hadvar: "Captain. What should we do? He/She's not on the list."
Captain: "Forget the list. He/She goes to the block."
Hadvar: "By your orders, Captain. Follow the Captain, prisoner."
Tullius: "Ulfric Stormcloak. Some here in Helgen call you a hero. But a hero doesn't use a power like The Voice to murder his king and usurp his throne."
Ulfric: "[muffled grunts]"
Tullius: "You started this war, plunged Skyrim into chaos, and now the Empire is going to put you down, and restore the peace."

After Alduin's first roar:

Hadvar: "What was that?"
Tullius: "It's nothing. Carry on."
Captain: "Yes, General Tullius. Give them their last rites."
Priestess of Arkay: "As we commend your souls to Aetherius, blessings of the Eight Divines upon you, for you are the salt and earth of Nirn, our beloved..."
Stormcloak Soldier: "For the love of Talos, shut up and let's get this over with."
Priestess of Arkay: "As you wish."
Stormcloak Soldier: "Come on, I haven't got all morning. My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperials. Can you say the same?" [Executed]
Stormcloak: "You Imperial bastards!"
Vilod: "Justice!"
Ingrid: "Death to the Stormcloaks!"
Ralof: "As fearless in death as he was in life."
Captain: "Next, the [player race]!" or "Next, the Nord in the rags!" (if the player is a Nord) or "Next, the renegade from Cyrodiil!" (if the player is an Imperial)

After Alduin's second roar:

Hadvar: "There it is again. Did you hear that?"
Captain: "I said, next prisoner!"
Hadvar: "To the block, prisoner. Nice and easy."

After Alduin roars for the third time, appears atop the tower:

Tullius: "What in Oblivion is that?"
Captain: "Sentries! What do you see?"
Imperial: "It's in the clouds!"
Stormcloak: "Dragon!"
Alduin: [Meteor-shower shout]
Headsman: "Hunh..."
Tullius: "Don't just stand there! Kill that thing! Guards, get the townspeople to safety!"
Ralof: "Hey, [race-dependent comment]. Get up! Come on, the gods won't give us another chance!"

Show: Vilod

Imperial Soldier: "The wounds are deep, Vilod! I can't stop the blood."
Vilod: "Tell my family I fought bravely."
Imperial Soldier: "Come on. Give me your hand, I'm getting you out of here."
Vilod: "It's too late for that. Leave me. Save yourself."

Show: Siege on the Dragon Cult
At Forelhost:

Captain Valmir: "The research I've done seems to indicate that Skorm Snow-Strider left part of his journal here after laying siege. I believe it should indicate how to enter the blocked off sections of the stronghold. I should warn you, Forelhost is quite haunted, but I'm sure you can handle it. Return to me here once you've obtained the staff."
Imperial Soldier: "Wait it's haunted? I don't like ghosts... let me think about this for a minute... Wait... who in the blazes is this?"
Captain Valmir: "Oh! Um, he he... Hold on... I... I can explain..."
Imperial Soldier: "Valmir, you rat. You're not a soldier at all! Must be one of the Thalmor!"

Show: Archers
At various locations:

Imperial Soldier 1: "I'm still sore where I took that arrow, I hate archers."
Imperial Soldier 2: "Aww, quit your bellyaching." or "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Show: Why did you join up with the Legion
At various locations:

Imperial Soldier 1:

"So why'd you join up with the Legion?"


"How did you end up here?"

Imperial Soldier 2:

"I know it's what everyone says, "To go to new places and see the world." But it's true in my case... I never bargained on seeing more than I liked."


"My father was a legionnaire, and his before him. I guess I never considered doing anything else."


"I signed on 'cause I couldn't watch the Stormcloaks tearing everything apart and not do something. But, most of my family disagrees with my choice."
Show: Imperial Armor
At various locations:

Imperial Soldier 1: "This Imperial armor is damn heavy."
Imperial Soldier 2: "Aww, quit your bellyaching." or "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Show: Waiting
At various locations:

Imperial Soldier 1: "I'm sick of waiting, when are we going to see some action?"
Imperial Soldier 2: "Aww, quit your bellyaching." or "Yeah, I know what you mean."

Civil War questline[]

Show: The Jagged Crown
At Korvanjund:

Legate Rikke: "What's the situation?"
Imperial Soldier: "Stormcloaks were already camped out around the entrance when we got here. They don't know we're here yet, though."
Legate Rikke: "Well, that's something at least."

At the second room:

Legate Rikke: "I don't like the look of this. Perfect spot for an ambush. Ten to one they're just waiting for us on the other side."
Imperial Soldier: "But there isn't any other way through, Legate."
Legate Rikke: "Let's not jump to conclusions, soldier. The Legion always finds a way. I'd rather take a moment and look around than walk blindly into an ambush. Auxiliary, see if you can find another way through. We'll charge in to help as soon as we hear fighting."

After seeing a dead draugr:

Imperial Soldier 1: "What in the nine holds is that?"
Imperial Soldier 2: "Is this what killed that Stormcloak over there? Can't be. It looks like it's been dead for a hundred years."
Legate Rikke: Steady now. The Legion has faced down worse than a few dusty old bonewalkers. We're not leaving here until we get what we came for. Now let's keep moving"

At the Hall of Stories:

Legate Rikke: "And this must be the Hall of Stories."
Imperial Soldier 1: "Oh... I've heard of this. These walls are supposed to show the history of the ancients who built this place."
Imperial Soldier 2: "Too bad we can't read these carvings. Who knows what secrets we'd uncover?"
Legate Rikke: "One thing at a time soldier. Focus on our primary mission. We're searching for the crown. Looks like we weren't the first ones here, either. Even if these carvings tell us where the crown is, I'm sure we're going to have to find a way through this door. See what you can figure out auxillary, I'm going to check out these carvings over here. Let me know if you find something."

As a Stormcloak:

Imperial Soldier: "You hear anything?"
Imperial Soldier 2: "No, but I know they're out there. No other way they can come. Now shut up or you'll blow our ambush."
Imperial Soldier: "I don't like it. What are they waiting for?"
Imperial Soldier 2: "Maybe they're so scared of you they ran away."
Imperial Soldier: "Hardly likely."
Imperial Soldier 2: "Just shut up and keep out of sight."
Imperial Soldier: " [When detected]
Imperial Soldier: "It must be the Stormcloaks, find them!"

Show: Message to Whiterun
In Dragonsreach:

Imperial Soldier: "Sir! I... I have..."
Cipius: "Take a moment to breathe, soldier."
Imperial Soldier: "But... Sir..."
Cipius: "Breathe!"
Balgruuf: "The outer walls are strong. If we can hold them there..."
Cipius: "They have catapults."
Balgruuf: "Damnit. Where'd they get catapults? The city walls are already falling apart as it is."
Cipius: "My scouts tell me they're loading them with fire."
Balgruuf: "So, he wants to take my city, walls intact."
Cipius: "The men will be fighting in the flames."
Balgruuf: "My men are fearless. It's the Imperial milk drinkers I'm worried about."
Cipius: "If you prefer I took my men and left..."
Balgruuf: "No. Of course not. Just - don't let me down Cipius. We'll need to set up water brigades to combat the flames."
Cipius: "Already taken care of."
Balgruuf: "You Imperials are efficient, I'll give you that. How long until they arrive?"
Imperial Soldier: "Sir."
Cipius: "Not long. They're hiding in the country side."
Balgruuf: "Damnit. What's he waiting for?"
Imperial Soldier: "Sir!"
Cipius: "What?!"
Imperial Soldier: "Sir, they're on the move. They'll be at the gates at any moment!"
Cipius: "Why didn't you say so immediatly?!"
Imperial Soldier: "Sir, I tried."
Balgruuf: "This is it! Time to see what these Stormcloaks are made of."
Cipius: "The men are already gathering at the gates. Move it soldier. Spread the word. Go. Go. Go."
Balgruuf: "Oblivion take them. Every miserable last one of them."


Rescue from Fort Kastav[]

"Thanks! I thought I was going to rot in here. So what's the plan?"

We've got men outside, we're taking over the fort. "Good! I've got a few scores to settle."
Wait here. "All right."


  • "Damn Stormcloak rebels."
  • "What the rebels like to forget, is that the Empire is what's keeping the Dominion out of Skyrim."
  • "Can't wait to kill another of Ulfric's boys."
  • "Stay sharp."
  • "Keep your guard up."
  • "Keep an eye out for trouble. It's only a matter of time."
  • "Keep your eyes open."
  • "The waiting... the insufferable waiting."
  • "Can't wait to gut one of those rebels."
  • "Soon. I can almost taste it."
  • "Well? Where the hell are those damned Stormcloaks? Let's get this over with already."
  • "If those rebels think they can best us, they have another think coming."
  • "Keep an eye out for Stormcloak spies."
  • "Been so long since I killed a Stormcloak, my sword arm's getting flabby."
  • "Stay alert. Never know when those Stormcloak dogs might charge."
  • "Not sure you belong here, citizen." – When tresspassing in an Imperial Camp as a Stormcloak
Quest quotes
  • "How in Oblivion do we kill this thing?" – During "Unbound"
  • "What in the eight divines is this monster?" – During "Unbound"
  • "Use everything we have!" – During "Unbound"
  • "General Tullius, over here!" – During "Unbound"
  • "What in the Eight Divines is this thing?" – During "Unbound"
  • "Keep your eyes on it!" – During "Unbound"
  • "It's still coming!" – During "Unbound"
  • "By Ysmir! Nothing kills it!" – During "Unbound"
  • "Die! For the love of the gods, die!" – During "Unbound"
  • "Stormcloaks, get them!" – During "Unbound"
  • "Stormcloaks!" – During "Unbound"
  • "Stormcloaks! Filthy traitors!" – During "Unbound"
  • "The prisoners are escaping!" – During "Unbound"
  • "You won't leave Helgen alive!" – During "Unbound"
  • "Hey, weren't you on the carts with the Stormcloaks? Ah, well, if Hadvar vouches for you I guess it must be all right." – During "Unbound," if pacified
  • "I saw Caius.. that dragon just grabbed him and... I don't know how I made it out of there..." – During "Unbound," if pacified
  • "Nothing for it but to keep moving." – During "Unbound," if pacified
  • "Better down here than out there." – During "Unbound," if pacified
  • "A dragon.... First in a thousand years...." – During "Unbound," if pacified
  • "The Legion's always looking for strong, capable warriors. If you think you've got what it takes, our headquarters is in Solitude." ― Starts "Joining the Legion"
  • "Don't interfere with Imperial Legion business. Now move along, unless you want three inches of steel in your gut." ― During The Jagged Crown
  • "The Stormcloaks will be here any minute! Hurry! Get inside and lock your doors!" – During "Battle for Whiterun"
  • "Citizens! Go home and lock your doors!" – During "Battle for Whiterun"
  • "It's not safe out here! Return to your homes immediately!" – During "Battle for Whiterun"
  • "Over there, by the fence! Do you see them?" – During "Battle for Whiterun"
  • "We sure showed them, eh? Thanks for your part in all that." – After "Battle for Whiterun"
  • "Good job out there. Glad you were with us." – After "Battle for Whiterun"
  • "Thanks. Couldn't have done that without you." – After "Battle for Whiterun"
  • "We destroyed those Stormcloak traitors!" – After "Battle for Whiterun"
  • "We sure showed them!"
  • "They'll think twice before coming back here, that's for sure!"
  • "We did it!"
  • "I feel so alive!"
Legion ranks
  • "Auxiliary."
  • "Quaestor."
  • "Praefect."
  • "Tribune."
  • "Legate!"
During combat
  • "Die rebel!"
  • "Send Ulfric my regards!"
  • "You call yourself a warrior?"
  • "For the Emperor!"
  • "For the glory of the Empire!"
  • "Ha! I've suffered worse during training!"
  • "Agh! I been wounded worse by better!"
  • "That's it? That's all you've got?"
  • "Agh! Bastard!"
  • "Lucky... hit..."
  • "Son of a..."
  • "Agh! Enough! This ends now!"
Warning player of Trespassing or escorting Stormcloak Prisoner
  • "Imperial business. Be on your way."
  • "This is none of your concern, citizen."
  • "Move along."
    • "Citizen. I'm warning you. Your presence is interfering with Imperial business. Be gone!"
    • "Be gone!"
      • "Citizen. You have been warned. You leave me no choice but to resort to violence."
      • "You leave me no choice, citizen."
      • "You have been warned."
Guard quotes
  • "Now that the Empire's arrived in Riften, we've finally established a launching point into Morrowind... just in case." −In Riften
  • "So is it Riften or Rifton? This place has changed its name so many times, I can't even remember." −In Riften
  • "Seems like capturing Riften is turning out to be more of a hassle than a benefit. But what do I know?" −In Riften
  • "Why we bothered to capture Riften I'll never understand. Just look at this place." −In Riften
  • "This city still reeks with the stench of the Stormcloaks. Makes me sick to my stomach." −In Riften
  • "Don't worry about those Stormcloaks. You're safe from them here. As if they'd want the place anyway." −In Winterhold
  • "Dawnstar is the last port of call before Solitude. Damn rebels aren't taking it." −In Dawnstar
  • "Let's see those Stormcloaks try to break into this canyon." −In Markarth
Cut quotes
  • "If you're planning violence against me or mine, you'll regret it."
  • "What do you want with us?"
  • "Please! Have mercy... I beg you..."
  • "Help us and you may earn a pardon." – During "Unbound"


  • According to the Manual of Armor, light armor is mainly used for scouts, archers, light cavalry and skirmishers, while heavy armor should be used by frontline infantry, pikemen, heavy cavalry or foot knights. Despite this, every legion soldier seen in game uses light armor.
  • Stormcloak soldiers may say that "Legion soldiers gleam like fresh-fallen snow and clank like a kitchen," but the Imperial Studded Armor that Legion soldiers wear in game does not reflect sunlight and is not noisy, thus implying that imperial soldiers would use heavy armor as well during Skyrim's Civil War (what is also implied by how Beirand says "heavy armor for full on combat" if the player questions him about the type of armor during Get Outfitted)



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