Imperial Weapons are a type of weapon set available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Unlike most other weapon sets, imperial weapons do not include arrows, battleaxes, a dagger, greatsword, mace or warhammer, although the Champion's Cudgel wielded by Falx Carius could perhaps be seen as an Imperial model of a warhammer.


  • Imperial weapons can typically be found wielded by most Imperial Soldiers and Hold Guards in Imperial-controlled Holds.
  • Imperial bows can sometimes be wielded by bandits.
  • Some NPCs, such as Sulla Trebatius, wield Imperial weapons.
  • Enchanted Imperial weapons can be given as quest rewards; an example being the leveled weapon reward from Ulfric Stormcloak after liberating a hold.
  • Two to three Imperial swords can be found at Whitewatch Tower.
  • The Champion's Cudgel can be obtained after defeating General Falx Carius.


Imperial Weapons can be upgraded at a grindstone with a Steel Ingot, which will increase their damage value. The increase is dependent upon Smithing skill, active potions, and equipped enchanted items.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Name DamageIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon ID Code
Imperial Bow 9 8 90 00013841
Imperial Sword 8 10 23 000135B8
Champion's Cudgel 24 27 1767 xx01a578

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