Impulse is an active skill in the Destruction Staff skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online. This skill deals point blank area of effect damage, and applies elemental effects.


Deals 5 Magic Damage to nearby enemies. 100% chance to apply concussion/chilled/burning, based upon element used.


  • Unlocked at Destruction Staff rank 38.


Elemental RingEdit


  • Reduces enemies' max health.
  • Update 5: Lower ranks of this ability no longer remove the debuff created by higher ranks of Pulsar.[1]
  • Update 6: This ability now applies the Minor Mangle buff to the target for 30 seconds, and the duration increases with each rank of the ability.[2]


  • Update 1: Increased the magicka cost of Impulse and its morphs.
  • Update 1: If you have spent skill points in the Impulse ability, you will have those points returned to your overall skill point pool. They can be re-spent in this ability, or invested elsewhere.[3]
  • Update 2: When an enemy is damaged first by this ability, the target(s) will now display a hit reaction.[4]
  • Update 5: Reduced the radius of this ability to 6 meters from 8 meters. The tooltip for this ability also now lists the correct radius.[1]
  • Update 8: Fixed an issue where the visual effect for the health reduction would not affect the enemy health bar backgrounds. The enemy health bar backgrounds will now shrink appropriately [5]



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