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In the Name of the Queen is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Queen Ayrenn seeks to perform rituals honoring her ancestors. When she arrived at Tanzelwil, however, she found the spirits angered and violent.

Quick walkthrough[]

  1. Meet up with Queen Ayrenn
  2. Aid the Priestess at the West Ritual Site
    1. Hints: Defeat the Spirit Guarding the Ritual Site
  3. Aid the Priestess at the Northern Ritual Site
    1. Hints: Defend the Priestess as she Performs the Ritual.
  4. Speak to Queen Ayrenn




  • 73–302 Gold


  • There is a Skyshard near Arawen's Journal on a ledge.


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  •  PC  : As of Patch 1.0.1, Fixed an issue in the quest where the priestesses at the Northern and Western ritual sites would occasionally get stuck in a kneeling pose, blocking your progress.[1]