"Once I was the hope of my people, but then my claim was proven false. Now I wait and I hope for the Nerevarine's return. State your question, Outlander, and I shall do as Azura urges."
―Incarnate Aduri[src]

Incarnate Aduri is a Dunmer ghost and failed incarnate of Indoril Nerevar, haunting the Cavern of the Incarnate on Vvardenfell.


They decided you weren't the Nerevarine. Why? "To fulfill the prophecy, I followed a path of blood and war. In the end, my path became a road that led to nowhere and I was cast down from my lofty spot. Take my scroll and help the Wise Woman understand the futility of a senseless war."


Divine DelusionsEdit

Chodala has announced himself as Nerevarine, and with his ideas, this action may lead to war. The Vestige is tasked with stopping this potential war by disproving Chodala's claim by speaking with the failed incarnates of Indoril Nerevar, Incarnate Aduri being one of them.



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