"They say "the Green" is in his blood, but most things that man does, I just don't understand."

Indaenir is a Bosmer residing in Greenshade, Valenwood. He works with the Vestige to fight against the corruption caused by the Servant of Naemon. He later becomes The Silvenar after sacrificing himself to save the Heart of Valenwood.


No one really knows where he came from. Stories suggest that he was either from Bramblebreach or Woodhearth. Another rumour is that he was raised by "an old Graht Oak, cradled in its roots, weaned on the dew from its leaves."[1]


Retaking the PassEdit

An undead army surges through Driladan Pass and assaults Marbruk on the command of the Shade of Prince Naemon.

Shades of GreenEdit

The Shade of Prince Naemon is spreading corruption across Greenshade. The Vestige must help Indaenir cleanse the corruption.

The Blight of the BosmerEdit

Right of TheftEdit

Striking at the HeartEdit

Indaenir sacrifices himself to save the Heart of Valenwood, and is brought back to life by Y'ffre as the Silvenar.


  • Indaenir's appearance changes after the Vestige first encounters him. His hairstyle and chin shape change.




  1. Dialogue with Bodring during "Shades of Green"
The Silvenar
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